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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hibiscus Calliphyllus flowering after pest attack This may not be the most beautiful flower it has given, but it is a real precious one! At least they are growing! Hibiscus Calliphyllus Trimming after care for plants

 This may not be the most beautiful flower it has given, but it is a real precious one! Love is most powerful! Love has nothing to do with what you get...only with what you give! Inspite of the pest attack, all leaves had holes.. the red hibiscus bloomed! The plant has survived, Thanks a Lot! Nature spirits do take care but yes, our selfless love is most important! Feelings of out of this world everytime I save a plant! So finally after  the struggle, the beetles had eaten almost every leaf, it looked so sad with holes all the leaves are fresher and have picked up growth and what more the plant also bloomed with two buds, not so huge but at least  they bloomed! It is the quiet mutual confidence, the selfless care, love what you do..."keep love in your heart...a life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead" Oscar Wilde.
Spread love everywhere!
A true proof when the power of love overcomes the power of external factors.  Ask a Gardener  !
Bud after sickness pest attack
Hibiscus Calliphyllus Bud
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 Winters are special magical yet require care for every plant. Especially after  trimming(went too much this time) so the Champa stems were almost barren...and the past two months...silence...was unnerving ..
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.yet continued to water it as the large container could not be uprooted or moved, so waited patiently...and finally the stems gave out fresh lime green leaves.
Magical garden image edited in an app
Tabernaemontana Double tagar
 Watering is most important during winters as we feel the sun is low but the soil does get dry and leaves droop. Tagar plant also has given out blooms after the trimming session.
Meanwhile most happy for the Brahma Kamal plants, at least they are growing! While the past few years so many plants had left us...I did not know why...sometimes watering...sometimes pest attacks and the obsession continued to please Lord Brahma!  Finally at least the leaves are growing, long elongated leaves and they also show tiny hair like roots emerging from nodes where new leaves come up. again excitement..hope..I really wish I get to see these Awesum blooms! for the love of Brahma Kamal!

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Close observations of Brahma Kamal leaves

New Healthy Brahma Kamal Plant

The Brahma Kamal Plant

Healthy Brahma Kamal Plants

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 The baby has flowered! first time blooms are always special! especially as I don't  have much luck with growing plants from cuttings. The cuttings I had grown of yellow Mussaenda plants have given the first blooms and are great!
Mussaenda baby Flowering

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Palm leaf creative expression



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 Inspiration is always on for the artist in me and my terrace garden plants ..the vast sky..the heavenly bird friends..yet with winter setting in needed some colours, so unexpected gifts! always bring a smile,  plants are welcome gifts for me, especially colourful flowering plants , keep on for my next post hoping with excitement  to share some Awesum colors from my little space under the sun!
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
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Red Hibiscus Painting

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Symbolism of Painting Serene sky water landscape 

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