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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Garden Care Simplified: Night Blooming Jasmine Raat Ki Rani Cestrum Nocturnum Plant Care and Tips

Garden Care Simplified: Night Blooming Jasmine Raat Ki Rani Cestrum Nocturnum Plant Care and Tips
Night Queen Raat Ki Raani Plant with Buds
One of the most mystical blooms, that still brings discussions when mentioned! The lore about snakes and fairies continues...yet people fascinated by this Awesum plant keep growing it, The Raat Ki raani, Night Queen, Fragrant Jasmine.  Share the love, kindly post queries and comments about Night blooming Jasmine , The Queen of Night, Raat Ki Raani, plant here. Thank you! Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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Monday, February 13, 2017

Love in pairs Terrace Garden Glory Close Up of Exotic Flowers Valentine Love energy Love healing paintings

Love happens, in pairs, this is such an Awesum feeling as the Terrace garden is actually overflowing with love! Coming Valentine Season , as If there are blessings from saint Valentine! There are amazingly beautiful vibrant coloured blooms , and that too,  flowers in pairs!
Lilac Trumpet Morning glory Flowers
Adenium Flowers in Pairs

Red roses in pairs
It is the season of LOVE! Watching these beautiful booms is pairs does bring a smile and an energy of happiness and love. Sharing this happiness along, passing it out, spreading joy, happiness and pure love!
Periwinkle Vinca rose Sada Phuli
Meanwhile what has taken up my mind since last year, clutter clearing and garden organization. The love of plants, actually obsession as I keep on adding them , has led to a large extended family and while maintenance always takes its toll with time and effort and mostly sweat under the sun, this time took action! Feng Shui of Garden is all about happiness and ease and beauty, so while there is beauty all around, overflowing there is also a mess by rats, pigeons and other birds.
Velvety petunia 
This time we have plenty of sparrows, pigeons are always with us, hawk, eagles, black sparrows, parakeets, and many more coming and giving company to our house friends my pet budgie love birds, Honey and Birdie, quite a chatterbox! There sometimes come problems with Terrace gardening, while birds come for a dip they so love the space with food and water and fresh flowering plants that they also lay eggs and , then rats keep coming by, which is not such a good one for me. So while I love, encouraged, protected  some few pigeons it is now becoming a  regular feature of family of pigeons and babies!
This time did serious trimming and repotting. Removed few large container plants of thick growth, as  container plants need to be trimmed regularly  they need soil...a dream to have some little space with soil this pent house with terrace garden, large sized containers, yet they have to be grown in containers. Only option that I have is to remove the large trees, trim some roots, and then repot, so that they get more time to grow in the same space. Ten years with this terrace garden and many are still all along with me since they were babies...Sharing and giving away pains my heart as I have had too many losses, even though my intentions are good for them to get soil, there are hardly any passionate plant lovers that will care the same for my loved ones. (the last time I shared they were abandoned and also many died due to sheer neglect...felt really bad...hesitant to share again!)
Now there is fresh energy as if Saint Valentine’s is going to be a blessed month. Cupid striked  and WOW flowers are coming up in pairs! So Adenium, canna, petunias and many more, love to see them so closely growing , blooming in pairs! Wish You All a Very happy Valentine’s Day and may you be showered with pure love and happiness’s! This Valentine’s Day Don’t forget to share plants as gifts instead of just flowers, as flowers will wilt in a day but plants will keep growing in their space where ever and keep the love live for a long long time!
Red Vibrant Canna Flowers
All the Best from Rizwana!
If you wish to give a memorable gift this Valentine’s month do check out my Love and Happiness collection of healing art.

A little corner of my Space Terrace garden 


Had to trim roots of container plants...Double Tagar

Trying to revive petunia plant

Two Hearts One Love Razarts

Romantic Expressions

Sunflowers in pairs

ME! Rizwana Mundewadi Garden Care Simplified

Happy Hearts
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