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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Easiest tip for growing plant from cuttings Purple hearts Tradescantia pallidia

easiest tip for growing plants from cuttings
While you buy new plants, some rare ones, are difficult to find. I always keep searching for rare ones, and maybe try to get cuttings. From shifting to a new home, the Terrace   garden sun is  no more with us and with our new entry way garden special care has to be taken of plants. added a few new ones.
So the purple hearts was on my wish list since we lost every piece of it few years back, so took a few cuttings.
I have noticed so many plants disappearing from gardens and plant nurseries, I don't know why, but reds, and purples are difficult to find now in common plant nurseries.
 Bought new crotons, spider ribbon grass, chinese roses, from a road side plant nursery. Then spotted some purple Hearts Tradescantia pallidia, and my eyes got a sparkle, so took a few cuttings, over the years I have found it very difficult to grow plants from cuttings. So I got Raat ki Raani, Purple hearts, and bought a few new plants. Purple queen.
Always I would bring cuttings and just pop them in containers. Even in some large containers and this never worked. Not so much luck with cuttings, I found this simple tip, wash the cuttings and let them dry well for a day. This helps heal the wound. I am very impatient soul, but still my plants have blessed me always. Trying my best even this time as this tip has worked for me recently.
Wash them and put the cuttings in some water.
For a day or two at least. there are tiny roots coming out. Be careful to avoid plant rot. as this time is crucial. Then you will be able to grow them faster.
Avoid a very sunny place for new cuttings.
this is a happy one with us, Growing Anant with cuttings 
Lets see how the entryway garden progresses, meanwhile there is always magic going on with nature spirits and fairies. love   and blessings from Rizwana!

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