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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Flowers of Nainital Succulents Airport Arrangements and Lakes of Nainital

At the Snow view point Nainital

Lemon drink Nainital lemons

Flowering cactus

Lighting Garden plants

Vibrant Pink
Nainital lake view from hotel suite room
Yellow flowers in wild Nainital
Succulents Nainital Classic Hallway Hotel
Pink against the Majestic Himalayas

Lantana flowering plants
Flowers are everywhere! the best climate for flowers and succulents, Nainital. Hill station in India in the State of Uttarakhand.A glittering majestic point near the  Himalayas. Set around the Nainital lake and the best view came from the Hotel we stayed in. By flight to Delhi, Train to kathgodam and then a private car takes you uphill, the spinning curves, to Nainital. Approximately 2084 meters above sea level. So from the city of Lakes, visited Ooty, Ajmer, Jaipur, and more on my wish list.

Beautiful balsam flowers

Lemon tree Nainital

Kamal lake Nainital

Soft lovable pink!
Best time to visit Nainital is from November as the climate is chilly wintery and cool pleasant now.For snow fall December to January is best time if you dream of snow.
So many vibrant flowers, the climate does do wonders to succulents they are everywhere!Balsam with their vibrant colourful blooms love Nainital!
Vistaar flight

Vistara inflight magazine brought back memories when I wrote articles and got published

Diwali flower arrangement at Delhi airport

Flower swastik Diwali arrangement at airport

Flower decoration airport

Don't forget to eat fire pan

Close to Delhi Amritsar Golden Temple

Lighting trees Deepavali Festival

Flowers Nainital

Snow peaked Himalayas

Horse riding Nainital( just posing!)

Clear fresh blue skies Nainital

Boating Nainital saat taal

Memories of writing for inflight magazines spice jet travel

Flower pots in hotel suites Nainital

Vibrant Balsam

View from hotel monastery temple church mosque Nainital

Lake view hotel Nainital

Boating shikaras Nainital


Fragrant Raat ki Raani lighted up
Morning glory Nainital

Majestic roses Nainital

Big lemons on tree Nainital
The best part, exotic lemons , very big sized, the size of a ball.
Tangy refreshing drinks of this fruit are served everywhere, quite a shot with soda!
Peaks, snow view point, plants, fresh cool air, food for my soul! Life happens while you live, make the most of it!
Artificial pink tree
Big sized lemons Nainital
meanwhile on my garden front some do look really sick. But good that watering has brought back life. This always works, the mention of replacing them...they just fire back to life!!! Thats love!! containers that were tough for an open terrace garden with full blast of sunlight are not well fitted here for entry way and window sill garden that receive only indirect sunlight. A major makeover in happening soon!new plant containers! Garden stands, garden design on my mind! Enjoy! Happy Gardening! All the Best from Rizwana!

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