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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

some love stories never end! mogra showing unconditional love,a bond between human and plant Garden Love Stories

Very old mogra plant that shows me unconditional love
About true love stories..some love stories never end! really!! with tears in my eyes, sharing the beautiful bonding! the mogra plant that is with us for more than a decade and half and what a bonding of true love!
Each of our garden plants have their own story of welcome , sharing spaces, sharing containers and shifting places and though we lost many due to very low light in this new space here, many have have been alongside as true friends. One special and loving plant is the Mogra.
Is my Mogra plant dead?

About true love stories..some love stories never end! each plant bonds with us, with excitement do we buy plants and there is so much we feel for the new entry to our family of extended plants. the mogra plant that is with us for more than fifteen years, and was saved after it was attacked by red pests. 
Such a small plant it had grown into a healthy size and did not flower, there was wonder in my thoughts as to whether this one is a flowering one or not. My first experience with growing Mogra plant. There was an innocent love bonding between us and I was an amateur gardener, the time was full of energy and of courses trying out techniques, tips, flowering and garden container ideas. While there was a dream fulfilled of a pent house with a terrace garden , there ware challenging situations with very strong sunlight for most hours of the day. 
With the little one that came in a small black nursery bag, this one has surely seen quite a life till date. Why it was going limpy and the leaves drying, there were red aphids attached to its roots. So began the trials together and it did allow me the liberty to trim shoots, dig it up, trim roots, manually wash out the bugs and spray with force watering to help it. With no experience the time was of waiting in anticipation, and even though I did not have any hope, the plant surely sprung up and gave out amazingly healthy shoots of greens and flowered abundantly. Since then it has given loads of big sized awesomely fragrant mogra flowers. 
Years of trails and turbulence, shifting of spots in the terrace garden, repotting issues and trimming harshly the over growths, trimming roots too to help it grow healthy, all the tasks come in a form of a story of this beautiful mogra plant. It was always so happy for me, it never asked for anything, truly a close friend, this plant never required any fertilization or additional care, it just keeps blooming!
This one after being saved has given loads and loads of big sized mogra flowers. 
After shifting to a new place with entryway garden and no sunlight challenges, this Moghu, Mogra, dried and my personal turmoils.., and travelling times, winter did its work. As it looked completely dried I had mixed feelings.   
The more happy times, large mogra flowers

winter leaves shedding time of mogra plant

Fragrances at its best! Mogra Flowers in my Terrace Garden

Heavenly Mogra flowers 

Big sized Mogra flower

Fresh buds on Mogra Terrace Garden plant

Healthy Mogra Plant Terrace Garden

Being with us and the the challenges of watering, sunlight, air, dust ,pollution issues, even our windows do not get direct sunlight, I had hardly expected any one to be with me. In process of refurbishing garden design and ornamental pots on my wish list. they have blessed me with being alongside with me in this times of change. 
Then finally added it to a smaller pot and it took rest, I think a month has gone, and with no signs of life..and yet, you keep watering it, hoping for some miracle, deep down you also feel it is many years...and suddenly a growth of fresh tiny leaf , you will never understand the feeling of a true gardener, about this immense happiness, hope, bravo to moghu! This is true love, true love stories never end!
Life is like a garden, you have to keep trimming, editing, repotting and shifting, and deal with the garden of life on moment to moment ,daily basis. Relationships too need care and delicate handling. You will learn so much from gardening, there are always lessons for those who want to learn. never give up, never every give up for what you want in life! Have the clarity of goals in life and you will see beautiful roads unfolding in front of you, that is the way of the Universe! 
Just in case you see some plants dried , do give them some time before throwing them or replacing them! plants are living, they feel your love and they want to love you, only if you are aware of their emotions, you would understand, the meaning of true unconditional love!~

True Love stories never end! Garden Care Simplified

old post, Is my Mogra plant dead? no it is not! Some love stories never end!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
Happy Gardening from Rizwana!

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