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Shocking facts of Sada Phuli Flower Plants energy! Where to avoid growing Periwinkle Vinca Rose plants feng shui?

Shocking facts of Sada Phuli Flower Plants! Where to avoid growing Periwinkle Vinca Rose plants?the most wide spread plant sada phuli as its name suggests evergreen all year round flowering plant has its own shocking facts which we never knew. After growing peri winkle plants since more than twenty years of various colours have come up with this post from my personal experience and feng shuii energy effects on my home. Why you will think twice before choosing this as home garden plant! 
Shocking facts of sada phuli flower plants!

Red Sada Phuli flower plant Periwinkle plant Vinca Rose
In feng shui we love to have such all year flowering plants that grow happily without much care. People say this is sada phuli- the name itself says self flowering ever flowering.
I actually had the non flowering type! also and however much I tired it never blossomed maybe the peri winkle too has some febrility issues at times in certain plants.  The most flowering type was pink magenta coloured. the other sada phuli plant colours-orange-white-red,shaded require some extra care and also do not grow as profusely as the dark fluorescent pink type. The other plants also died faster if not watered with care and also were noticed weaker in survival during pest attacks.
I have noticed in winters the sada phuli gets attacked by white aphids, pests, red ants, white bugs, fungus and all this needs care and maintenance. We thus must understand its feng shui energy.
Never grow vinca rose in bedroom or living room, kitchen windows as the pests transfer with air inside your home. This affects health of your family. 
The safe section is away from windows and that receives some sunlight for at least few hours of day.
Another thing mentionable in feng shui energy of plants is this Vinca rose plants grows viral if left unattended. There was my terrace garden where I was shocked to see every container having sada phuli plants growing fast and then I noticed the dropped flowers were fast to spring into new plants and though this gave happiness to see a bed of bright pink flowers, the sad part was that the original plants growing in containers felt weak and many would die also due to competition in nourishment.  
Feng shui goodluck plants have certain characteristics. All year flowering, easy growing, less maintenance, survival plants that can face harsh climatic conditions and yet grow healthy, these are great feng shuii goodluck plants for abundance and prosperity. 
Roses also , king of flowers, do not rule feng shuii list of goodluck plants because they need extra care for flowering and have very sharp thorns. 
Chinese evergreen, Bamboo, Jade, Snake plant, peace lily all can be grown indoors too with less care and these also are rare in pest attacks' and you can keep them green without much care expect watering and keeping their leaves trimmed and clean glossy. 
The smell of sada phuli plants was mentioned in ancient texts as bitter and good for health. Practically I have found the smell over powering and triggering migraine attacks' and uneasiness in body and mind. Especially if many sada phuli plants are growing together the smell will be very strong and repelling. 
I love the sada phuli plant for its amazing flowers and have seen that rats also avoid these. As borders to gardens and walkways these are great plants to prevent mosquitoes also. But you must not stay in close quarters with the vinca rose plants. Keep it far from your home garden and window to avoid strong whiff of fragrance with winds.
Magic tip with growing Sada phuli plant- Use this plant to ward off evil spirits from backyard gardens and those gardens that have unpleasant views. The feng shui evil eye cure plant will work wonders to your home energy in these terms of use.
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Thank you and hope this helps!
Feng shuii activators can enhance your space and you can use this balcony and terrace to activate life luck heavenly luck and amazing blessings. As I always say on my Feng shui-Simple Cures blog  always remember the universe has everything in just have to tap this correctly! 
Happy Gardening from Rizwana!

I do not sell plants this is my love and passion. I am a symbolist painter, healing artist since year 2000 selling original art to spread health wealth and Joy with world through my Reiki symbol healing paintings! Buy Reiki flower paintings for health wealth and joy.


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