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Which plants to grow for health benefits? can plants help? Scientific explanation proven plants

 Which plants to grow for health benefits? The Corona Virus /Covid lockdown outbreak has spread fear and panic and has affected the whole world. Since then everyone even after taking vaccines still fear the virus. Scientifically plants have proved to be great health boosters and air purifiers. Make your gardens your fortress, for protection from any diseases Outbreak. Use the garden energy to spread feng shui happiness and good health to you and your family. Stay safe. read on about how to use plants for health benefits-mental, physical and environmental benefits. 

A lot of evil eye also affects family and diseases come up . I have seen thorny plants like cactus and Post- Euphorbia milli,best goodluck plant,  help in forming shield of protection to your home. 

Beautiful Fragrant Anant Gardenia

Lovely Vibrant Bougainvillea's from our garden

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Most humble money plant always rules and yet is a winner during any virus outbreak or fear as it continues to spread cheer and joy with producing fresh green leaves, purifying air and growing just about in any conditions bringing joy to the world. Best feng shuii wealth luck plant too!

Money plant indoor plant for peace harmony air purification

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Salt is the best protection cure from so many feng shuii issues ,diseases, and not just evil eye or negative energy. If you have plants outside your home put a circle of salt at the base of every pot. this will protect your home from negativity. Do not touch plants with bare hands while watering.

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Snake plant or mother in law's tongue is another NASA approved air purifying plant. We had these plants in our entryway garden which we removed and shifted inside our window garden to avoid contamination and touch by other people, who may be infected. so take important care of plants that  are outside your door, even plants must be handled with lots of care as anyone can touch them outside. As you water your outdoor garden plants always give them a good spray of fresh water to keep them clean. Dust grime is great platform for any disease to spread. 

One of my favorites and beautiful plant The Rubber Plant. Strength stability and inner power, the plant with shiny Reddish brown big leaves, Rubber Plant, Very good Feng shuii plant, grow it especially in east sector or also indoors if you get some sunlight. 

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 Peace Lily, the name itself is symbolic of inner  and outer peace and yes, it has been proved by NASA as an sir purifier plant. Good feng shuii plant for peace.

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Another famous beautiful mosquito repellent plant Mayur Pankhi Cyprus has its scientific properties to repel mosquitoes and also acts as repellent to other insects and pests. A good feng shuii plant for protection.

Remember to stay healthy, exercise regularly, walking 6000 to 10000 steps daily,  eat a good diet and Be mentally and physically happy. Diseases attack when mental health is compromised too. 

Make beautiful gardens like a fortresses! the fort to your and your family's health. Grow them and keep the energy healthy in your home and also the surroundings. Get blessings from mother earth, it is because of the imbalance that diseases come up.

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