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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How to DIY garden decor Birds Stones Fairy Stools- Entryway garden challenges

How to DIY entry way garden decor. So while you can hire someone to make a great garden,  and also an attractive entryway garden design, I have seen so many homes now go barren with all the plants dead!So once you see a garden and in few months nothing!
yet facing entry way garden challenges but shifting some plants, adding some and trying new plants for brings positive energy to our garden. The old news papers recycled making paper mache toad stools, pebbles, tortoises. Yes, they are not so perfect like machine manufactured toys, but they are made with my own hands and with loads of love!

Making fairy stools Mushrooms at home

Hand made recyled news paper garden decor
 And the obsessive artist gets to pour out some more creative energy.
Hand made tortoises  entry way garden decor

Pebbles and stones entry way garden decor design ideas
 Wall decals, wall stickers are also available cheap now a days you can order online very easily and you get lots of choices in budget range. If you are a good artist you can paint on the walls  of your entry way garden. Finding cheaper methods as I love to keep changing my garden placements and garden decor.
Planted a new Brahma Kamal plant
 So while the passage is a bit dull without direct sunlight coming in , especially now the rainy season was dull, but my plants survived , a few I had to shift to the window sill. Snake plant and peace lily are doing good. Ferns did get a bit limpy so had to shift them. maybe now after this season some brightness will come up.
Birds do come and sing in my entry way garden!
 So while actual bird friends cannot come here, they can always come by in form of art. fairies come about to take care of my garden and spread their magic.
Hand painted fairy stool

Red chinese rose bloomed in window garden

Red Majestic Rose

Old Brahma Kamal plant giving out weak leaves?stems

Painting using old left over house paint Asian paints
New additions red Adenium
The emotions of the obsessive gardener needs some additions. So while last month added so many new plants of coloured leaves, as flowers may find it challenging to bloom in entry way passage garden.
Welcome to the family! Anthurium , I had planted pink and white Anthuriums in my terrace garden but we lost them in a few years due to strong sunlight.  petunias and Vinca rose! Red adenium, rarely seen , so chanced upon this in a Pune city nursery. We have the flourescent pink one with us bought from kerala Allepy.

New additions Red Anthurium

New additions to our family petunias 

Welcome to the family!
They have found space in window sill garden where some amount of indirect sunlight comes.
New plants bring energy, happiness, and Joy! the space here is limited, yet bringing in more, welcoming energy, trying and facing entry way garden challenges , will not give up!
I need to be surrounded by flowers, I need to be surrounded by Colourful flowers, always, always!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Happy Gardening!
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Feels like heaven!
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