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8 Plants That can grow in no sunlight sharing my Practical experience Entryway garden challenges

In the second month with facing the challenges in our new entryway garden, added a few coleous, red plants, and ornamental grasses. Light is the major issue, and also watering is tricky as the soil seems wet and  dries the soil if watered less, with very low indirect sunlight coming from top opening of our 18th floor in a high rise of 29 floors.
 Meanwhile keeping the magic alive and the feng shuii Awesum hand painted my garden containers and pots with left over Asian oil paints. They look Awesum!
 Used newspaper and made paper mache, interesting garden elements, thinking about adding some!Also recycling plastic bottles, Amazingly beautiful and free, easy cheap garden containers, WOW! will share in my next post creative

recycling of kitchen containers.

 our precious Euphorbia milli goodluck cactus that flowered all year round is giving up...because since the garden is open everyone touches it again and again, a case of buri nazar, evil eye..shifted it to the window garden, seeign so…

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This simple tip for healthy indoor plants video on you tube/ Entryway Garden video! Entryway garden challenges

Entryway garden challenges , welcome to my entryway garden. facing sunlight challenges this tip really helped in my plant growth and even flowering.

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Thailand goodluck plant Do share your experiences if you have an entryway garden! I have over the years had terrace garden, window sill gardens, entry way gardens and maybe who knows if the Universe is listening , my dream home garden yet to come...a small piece of land garden!

container garden challenges are so many check up my blog for more info!

Happy gardening Rizwan…

Garden Plant Stands Window Stands Fancy Creative Plant Stands #Windowsillgardenchallenges purchased garden plant stands

With searching options for window sill garden design, decor, and arrangements finally purchased stands. the steps stand is very beautiful. We have the option of one step, two, or three steps and we can get it made customized according to the size we require.
My biggest challenge with window sill garden was the limited space and it was a risk to purchase garden stands which come for more than a  few thousand rupees depending upon of course the size you take.
The choice is Amazing! creative garden stands, planters, plant stands with different patterns, arrangements, you just have to consider what space is available for you. It is a good suggestion to get the stand repainted, but have not done this as it is rainy season and oil paint will not dry fast.
 Indoor plant stands and planters can be used to decorate window sill garden. The circular one, I bought was a choice made by my heart as the utility is limited, especially for an obsessive gardener having so many pots!
The challenge was…

#Windowsillgardenchallenge evil eye! try this Feng Shuii cure for garden special bonus tip at end of the post!

Window sill challenge #challengeinwindowsillgarden  With continued challenges of low light, now we have a tower coming up! so the restricted light will again reduce more.  Ii have achieved a beautiful level now with happy plants, Rubber, Jade, Euphorbia milli, Ribbon grass, fern, purple hearts, lemon grass, anant, mogra, they surely are looking happy  with the tip I tried a few months back. Concerning the main issue now was new constructions coming up, so much dust, and cement. This was covering all plant leaves. The plants were struggling for breath! that issue #windowsillgardenchallenge was solved by spraying the leaves and cleaning them regularly with water. 

The next #gardenchallenge we are facing is low light. I am sure Feng Shui has a way. thinking of adding a mirror, this works very well with reflecting natural light for my plants. The Main #windowsillgardenchallenge , this post is about the main task, when we have a window garden just about every visitor takes a closer look he…

Window Sill Garden 3 Important Tips Add some Pizzaz! and How my garden is progressing

while the window sill garden is blooming with happiness this Summer, as it faces north, we do not have much of sunlight here. And guess who is happy! well most of the plants seem happy with the indirect light. We have a entry way passage garden where there was too much of environmental pollution, so just Snake plant and Chinese Bamboo plants are growing well outside out entrance.
Two window sill , window gardens, loads of plants, packed tightly, of course, me, the obsessive gardener!

Sharing practical tips for adding some Pizzazz  to a window sill garden-
1) check the sunlight, choose plants appropriately. If low sunlight, then it is difficult  to grow flowering plants and bulbs. More direct sunlight for even a few hours, bravo, grow roses and just about every plant! but we are lucky, low sunlight, means more ornamental foliage colours and plants that are indoor loving types. Ferns, Rubber, palm, Jade, succulents, cactus's, aloe vera, ribbon grass, purple hearts, and so many option…

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens Netherlands April 2019 This is Heaven on Earth! Thousands of Tulips!

Experience the best of best Tulips, thousands and thousands of varieties of tulips at the Keukenhof  Tulip Gardens Netherlands ! This is Heaven on Earth! Thousands of Tulips! A shower of fragrances afresh, and a riot of colours. No words to speak or share, have clicked lots of photos, and took in the breath of fresh tulips!
Europe tour was a dream come true! and this was at one time unreachable, but the Universe loves me, and what more, did I paint these, yes, I did! painting my dreams (My Pink PlaneFantastical dreams, )  and watching them unfold as the Universe opens new chapters in my life.
 One of the Best experiences ever visiting flower shows and Gardens.  Keukenhof also famous as The garden of Europe. Holland Netherlands, the climate was fantastic with just the right amount of cold. Best climate for flowering of Tulips, thousands of varieties the garden is large, as the eye moves about we see large expanses of flowers and flowers and colors. great display and garden arrangem…

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