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Saturday, May 8, 2021

My Adenium plant tantrums ! feng shui why you must Save Adenium plants ! Recycle make Best shade lipstick at home! Garden decor ideas

Adenium flowers growing in my Terrace garden
Adenium plants with such beautiful fluorescent pink coloured flowers looks so Awesum and it would always be loaded with healthy blooms in my terrace garden. The challenges began with entry way and window gardens. The big rhizome shape root of Adenium is tons of stored energy. 
Why you must be careful with growing Adenium plants in your home garden and what is the feng shuii symbolism of these plants? 
Adenium plant in my entry way garden

 Tantrums began with no sunlight issues in my window garden facing North. Adenium does require indirect sunlight and at least few hours sunlight. Otherwise they throw tantrums! 

once I had killed a few adeniums years back beginning with gardening experiences, so that explained I need to take care of these Adenium plants carefully. Trust me sometimes you will not even realize the adenium is dead! they start going mushy from baser and insides and have the covering intact till you physically touch the plant and notice its already has left you....that the pots must not be of ceramic because they hold too much water for long periods which the Adenium plant does not like. Well draining soil is must and if your adenium plant is throwing tantrums you need to do this, talk, shift them and find the best place for their placement.  Adding dried egg shells helps. I have been on watch regularly for their health and have shifted them from pot to pot to see which ones make them comfortable.    The photo below was another unsuccessful experiment and they didn't like the hanging planters made of plastic. 

Adenium plant transplanting 
At one time I had got so angry with the stubs that would give out few leaves, they would be so green and then in few days they would turn brown, dry and fall off. this continued for many months that finally I had to think why are these two moving on and still clinging, no progress or growth just living!

But guess love keeps them alive! Found a spot near the window shelf and they are giving out fresh green leaves now, both of the adenium plants. So hoping to see them healthy. 

Happy Adenium plants growing in window garden

blubs and rhizome plants need special care of checking their growth-empty shells of dead bulbs

gardens need regular care trimming repotting feeding watering and lots of love!

Tiny pots for the stubborn Adenium plants

Fresh energy is always required in my garden so recycled few plastic containers. Old calendars proved of sue with lovely rose flower images. Always in pair- so made decoupaged two containers and grew mother in laws' tongue plants for space air purification and projection from evil eye and negative energies. Garden decor in my home garden keeps changing within few month. So you will never find my garden same when you see it after few month. I love to clean trim, repot sometimes and shift sometimes for better visual impacts keeping in mind of course, plant health. Feng shuii energy of your garden must be alive and not dead. Stagnation ion any sector of your garden brings ill luck. If you see plants growing healthily yet you must keep cleaning, adding and clearing to maintain good feng shuii of your home garden. 
Recycling old plastic container with decoupage and WOW effects!

Decoupage is such a beautiful craft. Thick glossy magazine calendar photos can be wetted and then gradually remove the top layer of image, let it dry and then stick on any surface using your creative ideas. For decoupage you need very thin papers, and we also get ready decoupage tissue and napkins online.

Mother in Law's tongue-snake plants looking so stylish with this decoupaged plastic pot

Covid 19 lockdown times is bringing more creative energies outbursts and need is mother of invention. So recycled old branded lipsticks that were difficult to use as they had reached the base of the tube. 
take the remaining small parts of old good quality lipstick and cut them, melt them at low temperature heat

Lovely shapes bring out new beautiful shade of lipstick and I am still using those since the past year during lockdown
Making home lipsticks, recycling

Collect all pieces of similar shape lipsticks. Cut with knife. I added some part of dark brown shade which was lying unused since it made my lips look very dark. Melt them at very low heat and be really careful because the melted lipstick in container is very very hot and will burn your skin. And you need to pour this hot because it sets very quickly at room temperature.  Fantastic mauve maroon shade lipstick was ready, filled in two empty lipstick shells and now are ready to use. The new shade is so wonderful against my skin and it also has the glossy finish. You can try out new shades if you are fed up with old branded lipsticks! 
Coming to why you must be very careful with adeniums and why feng shuii is important? 
The space sector where you are growling adeniums is very important. In feng shuii such stored energy plants are very auspicious for north sector since they symbolize hidden potential, energy staying power and persistent growth even in harsh conditions. 
North sector is career and opportunities sector and if you have placed the adenium plants, drying of these plants directly will affect the opportunities coming your way.  Have you placed them in pair for wealth luck in south of garden then again this brings ill luck when they dry and die. Sucking up opportunities and your wealth luck. You may not even realize why you and your family are facing health issues, offers are snatched away at last moment  from your business, and unnecessary bickering and arguments have come up between members. Check your garden plants and care for your garden because your garden plants reflect your life. 
It is better to let go that keep the dead plants and empty pots in your garden-that is good feng shuii

Most dangerous part is when you let empty pots and dried dead pot containers in your home garden. Worst feng shuii affecting your life and that of your family. 
Remember gardens must seem to be loved and cared for and always inviting and fresh to bring joy to your life. A beautiful feng shuii to your life!! Save your Adeniums since they bring so much luck to you! 
Meanwhile my window gardens always need some refurbishing and change. On art front making more sigil and Reiki symbol artworks especially specific intentions tiny Reiki healing art cards are wonderful and affordable. And just sharing, we also have beautiful Sigils to make your garden plants grow healthy and happy! protection of your home and garden from evil eye energies feng shuii evil eye paintings,  if you are interested let me know!! Happiness is making healing flower paintings and bringing joyful vibrant colour flowering plants for my garden!

Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!

Happy Gardening from Rizwana!!

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