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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Window Sill Garden 3 Important Tips Add some Pizzaz! and How my garden is progressing

Jade plant window sill garden
window sill garden arrangements design 
while the window sill garden is blooming with happiness this Summer, as it faces north, we do not have much of sunlight here. And guess who is happy! well most of the plants seem happy with the indirect light. We have a entry way passage garden where there was too much of environmental pollution, so just Snake plant and Chinese Bamboo plants are growing well outside out entrance.

 Two window sill , window gardens, loads of plants, packed tightly, of course, me, the obsessive gardener!

 Sharing practical tips for adding some Pizzazz  to a window sill garden-
1) check the sunlight, choose plants appropriately. If low sunlight, then it is difficult  to grow flowering plants and bulbs. More direct sunlight for even a few hours, bravo, grow roses and just about every plant! but we are lucky, low sunlight, means more ornamental foliage colours and plants that are indoor loving types. Ferns, Rubber, palm, Jade, succulents, cactus's, aloe vera, ribbon grass, purple hearts, and so many options available. I am going to try out roses, so brought a yellow rose plant and it seems fine.
its a blessing to have nature into your home, make the best of it!
yellow rose plant for window sill garden
2) space is limited. and also height of the window is limited. Choose plants that will be visible while you sit on the sofa or chair. What I did earlier, all plants were lined up, but nothing visible for us , we had to go near the window to see our garden! so have a mixture of height plants. stands, and plant holders are great, we get good stylish ones of wrought iron. they add style to your window garden. Add some glam quotient ,choose great containers and coloured foliage plants. I did make over of many pots by coloring them, adding some glam with different techniques, recycling old garden containers. Add some Pizzazz!
3) Beauty for you and for others too! we added a granite stone stopper, to stop water from flowing outside wall of our home. The stopper of a few inches height, see that the containers fall below so that you do not splash muddy water out. Now my plants are happy, I have no fear of messing the outside wall colour with muddy stains! arranged them well according to their size and sunlight requirements.  Spray water regularly on the leaves so that they are fresh and happy! watering is a careful task, that each one learns according to how the plants communicate about their thirst levels.
fixing a black granite for water proofing.
wrought iron plant container stands

hanging containers DIY, use twine and rope, make your own creative plant arrangements! 
recycled plastic bottle plant container idea

add some pizzazz! wall decals garden floral decals

levels of plant arrangements in window garden go vertical!

Ship Garden decor idea with shells

colourful foliage plants

soil care for window sill garden, low light means low water and that leads to dry hard soil, spraying l;eaves and soil fully helps!
diy plant containers, add some pizzaz!

lemon grass plant

recycling old plant containers add some Pizzazz!
new mogra bud
A garden hose pipe spray gun, very good from snapdeal

 Garden happiness !
big sized mogra flower

on side of Moghu..

fresh additions to window sill garden Rubber Palms Jade and more!
Anthurium flowers in terrace garden 

sometimes I do miss our terrace garden, blast of sunlight we had lovely Anthuriums and lillies, riot of colour roses, mogras, spider lilly, peace lilly,  always blooming by! we have saved all the bulbs and hoping they do oblige with some blooms in this controlled low sunlight window garden..maybe will have to coax them a little!
sweet memories of  the past.. terrace garden  
transplanting Jade

Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified! Do share your experiences with window gardens, like, comment!
Happy Gardening from Rizwana!
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Ooty hill station Rose garden 

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