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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Bryophyllum Pinnatum PattharChatta kidney stones treatment plant

Bryophyllum Pinnatum PattharChatta
PattharChatta, a unique plant, that I thought was Brahma Kamal with itsSerrate edges, the leaves are similar. Very useful herb, and quite famous for its medicinal uses. This PattharChatta plant was what I tried growing years back and it grows in same pattern like Brahma Kamal plant. The plant can be grown from its leaves and new leaves come out from edges of leaf. Be careful, it grows like wild.Same type of soil, well draining and dry, the PattharChatta plant can be grown easily in containers. The benefits I have heard,( use at your own risk, ) immense benefit in removal and prevention of kidney stones. The plant leaf is directly consumed or it is boiled and the water is consumed by people suffering from kidney stones, burning urine, urinary infections and also prostrate issues. An interesting plant going viral on Google and You Tube, you will find loads of info about bryophyllum Pinnatum PattharChatta. Curiosity, and uniqueness, do share your experiences! And if anyone has tried this plant leaf as treatment and prevention of kidney stones and in kidney problems. Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified! Rizwana Mundewadi from my little space under the sun!

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