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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Easy practical Home Composting Tips and How to make your own compost from home left overs recycling for healthy blooms

Composting one of the easiest ways to nourish your plant soils and also in return get healthy and large sized blooms. One of our precious readers brought up this important topic which I have been using since years but never gave a second  thought.
Composting is now made very easy with ready made composting bins, wired meshes and compost tumblers and dividing special areas for preparing compost. In one of the societies who are proud growers of vegetables and fruits, container gardening on terrace,  boast of making their own compost. Then there are many who have land dig up a pit and make their own compost.
What is compost? it is a fertilizer, your plant food made from left overs from your home. healthy bacteria work in the garbage and make it nourishing.
How does compost benefit?  its like an healthy tasty ice cream for plants, tonic and mood uplifter, they love the nutrients and vitamins and texture, when added in proper timings give out healthy blooms.
What I have been doing since years is adding left overs recycling from garden and many home ingredients that go to waste. The only risk is that it attracts rats, ants,  and hungry birds!But the strong sunlight does great wonders to this compost. Also add some paper, burn some paper and add ashes, great tip!
But plants really love the feeds and especially roses give out large sized blooms.
Healthy rich soil 
Over the years container soil becomes life less just like being used over and over it is unable to give out any more nourishment. Result, plant looks life less and struggles to survive, may also die off. Some plants in the same soil / container for years cease to give out blooms. Then the soil within every few months becomes hard with regular watering and needs nourishment.
Hard soil makes the roots dry and less and less water reaches to the bottom of the soil, as the soil loses its porous well draining nature.
soil with compost looks blackish and humid, does not dry fast
Mulch is very important to nourish the soil in containers and rotating plants is a must for maintaining a healthy soil. Try throwing some cereals and pulses in the container soil, they will grow for some time and nourish  the soil. Try to repot the plants within few years to give them new rich soil or at least dig up the soil and add rich compost.
Over grown roots while re-potting cut some these also act as compost
If you stay in an apartment and do not have open space, try out ready composting bins to make compost in home. Remember it is going to be a smelly journey making compost at home but the results will bear great fruits. Sunlight is essential to maintain humidity, if the compost bin is dry it will not make the required compost as bacteria will not be able to thrive in.
Use gloves and stick while turning while adding things for compost
Right moisture, direct sunlight and covered bins give out great quality compost.
Composting Bins on  for sale
Recycling garbage and wastes from your home for better use will also reduce the harmful effects on the environment. In fact many gardeners who share this passion have their own vegetable farms where they make their own compost by adding earthworms, and garbage along with soil which produces a more better mulch and healthy compost.
dried flowers and leaves act as great fertilizer
Once you learn the trick of making your own compost you will not need packed fertilizers from plant nurseries to see some great blooms!
Right Compost in pots usually gives out mushrooms of various types usually non edible
Please try this at your own risk and proper understanding of how to make compost,how it works,  as if it goes wrong you may risk losing your precious ones. You can buy ready compost bins or compost tumblers that are designed to work for best compost and you also get advice on home to make your own compost along with a ready packet of mixture ( beneficial bacteria black high in humidity grainy soil)  that is to be added to your home left overs for fast processing. In apartments remember to keep the compost bins in windows where it receives sunlight and also the smell does not interfere with your home air.
Some plants that love mulch and compost!
Big sized roses
Fragrant Mogra and Jasmine flowers
Have a Fragrant Day!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Awesome Brahma Kamal and Heavenly Water Lillies Photographs Shared by Our Reader IrudayRaj Thank You Very Much

Water Lillies Shared by Our Reader Irudayraj

Heavenly Brahma Kamal Flowers shared buy our reader Irudayraj
 Water Lillies growing beautifully in a container, small pond, water feature, , Shared by Our Reader Irudayraj, from Bangalore, and the heavenly Brahma Kamal flowers , pure, spiritual and of course with loads of good luck. Touch wood, loevly photographs, Thank you very very much for this beautiful share, Irudayraj!
Awesome Brahma Kamal Flowers shared buy our reader Irudayraj

Water Lillies in a container Shared by Our Reader Irudayraj

Majestic Brahma Kamal Flwoers
Some people sure are LUCKY!
God Bless from Rizwana!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How Much Sunlight is Required for Flowering Plants Important Advice for Sunlight Requirements of plants

How much sunlight is required for my plants 
How Much Sunlight is Required for Flowering Plants Important Advice for Sunlight Requirements of plants. As many of plant lovers have this specific query I am addressing this here so that it benefits many others also. One of the main reasons of plant deaths and plants unable to flower is sunlight in right amounts.
From cold climates to snow falling countries and back home here in our hot humid climate we need to be very careful with the amount of sunlight our plants receive.
For all those who have grown flowering plants will definitely share that they need loads of sunlight for many hours of the day to give out blooms. I have seen roses die of frost and fungus in shaded areas and chameli, champa , mogra flowering plants never giving out any blooms due to less sunlight.

Vibrant Blue Bell shaped flower Vishnukanta climber
Another aspect of direct sunlight is that it kill pest and many diseases that plants may be prone to as the hot sun burns out disease producing pores and insects do not affect such plants under full sunlight. Then there are many delicate flowering ones, exotic who love partial sunlight , few hours of day and are happy with this. While some flowering plants will give out lovely colored vibrant blooms only with full sunlight there are many whose blooms burn out and flowers fall off under the  direct scorching sun!

Exotic flowers Anthuriums
 Important tips of understanding your plants sunlight needs:-
There are no universal rules regarding sunlight requirements of your plants and with experience I have understood each plant is unique.
1) In general find information about indoor and outdoor plants. But remember even indoor plants require sunlight, maybe once a week to survive. Si I have learned however much artificial lights are provided they long for the free open sunlight.
2) Observe your plant how it reacts to full sunlight, indirect sunlight and when and what quality it produces blooms. This can be done by shifting the pot in different places, you can bet the plant will communicate to you where it is most happy.
3) Under the sun does not mean literally in scorching heat! It need some protection at least for some hours other wise the leaves and flowers burn.
4) Most Flowering plants require sunlight , at least few hours morning or evening and the rest of day mid afternoons some partial light and not direct light. Other wise they do not give out blooms or give out weak blooms.
5) Colors of flowers are deepened and vibrant when they receive direct sunlight for some hours at least. I have seen hibiscus, blue bells and many others that give out a beautiful vibrant glow only when they are under the sun. The ones with less sunlight give out weak blooms and many times buds fall off.
6) Sunlight though very important always protect your plant from watering in afternoons and hot times. It will burn.
7) Few hours of direct sunlight maybe three to four at least for flowering is essential for flowering plants.
8) Exotic plants require less sunlight and die in full sunlight. That does not mean they do not like sunlight. They need a place where they receive indirect sunlight to give out blooms.
Finally each plant is unique, I have seen one mogra plant under direct sun give out so many blooms and the other one drying off looking sick under the direct sun! such plants require so much energy to survive under the sun that they stop giving out blooms.
Then there are some who love to play, they want direct sunlight but hide among other plants and bloom like this blue bell Vishnukanta climber which loves to be in other pots with tall big plants and hides behind other plants under direct sunlight.
Find the right place for your container plant, in the beginning try shifting them and see how they respond, your plants communicate to you in form of showing signs of sickness or gifting you with lovely blooms! and once they get the best place, environment,  where there is appropriate sunlight and shade they are so happy, they show off by blessing you with huge sized blooms!

Vermillon Red Layered Hibiscus Flowering Plant
With the beginning of sun emerging from the cloudy skies after rains the pink poppies are blooming in every pot, so also the red canna, mogra, hibiscus, chameli, champa, there is a riot of colors in our garden,  and with this are welcomed colorful butterflies, captured this beautiful golden yellow butterfly who seems to be too busy with sucking nectar and ready to pose!
Pink Poppies with yellow butterfly
Meanwhile as the immense loss of our beloved rose bushes this time after so many many years, the garden had lost life and energy and the time had come to bring in loads of color, as winter if the best season for many flowering plants, just the right combination of sunlight and favorable climate to give out lovely blooms. Hope these new babies enjoy the stay along with our family of plants, have been planted in pots and strategically placed in prominent places to enjoy the healing energy of colors!.
New flowering plants added to the terrace garden family
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Modern Contemporary Garden Furniture Cane Furniture Wrought Iron Stone Seats and Modern Acrylic Crystal Garden Furniture

Garden furniture has so much variety that we get confused as to which would be  best for our garden. moved from the traditional wood, stone and cane to acrylic crystal furniture. With modern sleek designs and patterns garden furniture no longer consists of seats and chairs but has added a lot to the the list of garden furniture. From rock to bamboo  and pebbles designer seats to gemstone studded seating arrangement furniture has swinging rocking chairs and also recliners mad e of cane to bring in comfort as well as style to your garden decor.
Unique gemstone studded barrel converted centre table

Comfortable modern contemporary garden furniture

Stone cement garden seats strong long lasting

Easy rocking chair garden furniture made of cane 

Sleek comfortable wooden garden furniture
Contemporary designs in cane furniture has also changed the look of boring garden furniture that had a centre table and  chairs. The trend in garden furniture is moving from traditional to more and more designer and unique garden furniture as well as comfort at highest level spreading from home decor to garden decor.

Meanwhile the garden has a bit more casualties and deaths this time, very very sad ,we lost the oldest two beautiful rose bushes ....that had given us plenty of blooms. But life is all about moving with the obsessively painting canvasses with latest " My Awakened Heart".
Loads of colors added new plants to terrace garden
Some good feng shui welcomed,  fresh energy added, Balsam, periwinkles , they are the sturdiest forms of color, roses and yellow fragrant  shevanti . New plants have made way into our family, hope they get comfy and stay with us for long! All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Salvia Flowering Shrub caring Tips Salvia Flower Photos from our Reader Dr Vivek, Thank you from Garden Care Simplified

Two Exotic flowering plant shrubs, Salvia Flower Photos from our Reader Dr Vivek, Thank you from Garden Care Simplified!
These lovely exotic blooming plants, Salvia, are available in many varieties, very tiny and delicate plants, as I have not had much luck in maintaining them. They represent strong symbolism of love and friendship and growing thenm in the south west sector of your garden will attract harmony and  good relationships.  Lovely exotic flowers Salvia, some  caring tips.
1) Need well draining soil, cloggy soil kills the plant.
2) Does not tolerate direct strong sunlight, leaves drop and turn yellow . Choose a sunny location but not full day.
3) Even after watering the plant may not look healthy unless the soil is nutritious and well fertilized.Requires cowdung.
4) When after flowering be careful while trimming,a s you may cut off the stem that is growing new shoots of leaves.
5) I think the plant needs to be watered twice a day for maintaining.As my plants would shrivel with  watering once a day, that's the tricky part.
6) Over watering will make the stem fleshy and it will bend and then finally your Salvia may lose life .
7) The bugs and beetles love the leaves, holes in leaves are a prominent feature with these delicate plants.
8) Butterfly larvae, Caterpillar feed on the leaves. Keep the Salvia plants protected from pests, otherwise in one evening the whole plant may go barren.

Slavia Flower Red
 Nevertheless these Salvia flowering shrubs once well settled grow into lovely shrubs and give annually, biannually healthy blooms.
Salvia Flower Pink
Allamanda Blancheti

Pink Star Cluster
 Meanwhile the Allamnada Blancheti and the Pink white red magenta star cluster bushes are at their best this winter. But seem energy going a bit low as we lost our lovely two pet birds another great heartbreaking  loss are these  beautiful Rose bushes,pink and white that have been with us for many many years, and have given us plenty, very huge sized blooms, at a time they would be dressed up with more than 25 to 30  flowers....always drooping from the  little bushes,... the rose plants would have more flowers than leaves..... have left us this winter, the plants during setting of winter would often catch fungus but would spring back with new green leaves but this time did not make it...maybe the soul had its journey completed... whatever God's wish...time to bring in some new energy, some new ones soon will be added, very soon! God Bless from Rizwana!
Pink and White Rose Bush

Monday, November 3, 2014

Cyprus vine, Ganesh Bel Cardinal Climber Trumpet Shaped Red Flowering plant Important Tips to Maintain Cardinal Climber for years

After Diwali , Hindu New Year, and Muharram the Muslim New Year and loads of celebrations going on people have sure decorated their homes with lovely colorful marigolds and yellow ones. Then we also see a lot of colorful fresh flowers decorated at entrances as well as in vases to welcome good energy and prosperity. Rangolis of flowers are made with fresh flowers to welcome happiness and wealth.
 While our pet love bird who passed away, bird Boku lies peacefully in the Allamanda plant container it is some respite to see that the plant has given out lovely blooms and looks happy, just a small indication that she decided to stay with us! Always remembered with fond memories! and another very sad loss of the little baby finch bird that stayed with us for two and a half months, , sadly suddenly passed away due to the temperatures drop,  cold wave and chilly winds during the  'Nilofer storm'.

Even though they all live indoors and protected from direct winds, ....26th October 2014
The plant at its full beauty after rains  has been throwing its weight all around! is the cardinal climber, cyprus vine or Ganesh bel as it is called here.
Though the growing part is very easy people just can't keep the plant for long and many have asked for advice regarding how to maintain this beautiful climber for years. Many complain of the Ganesh Bel climber drying off even after caring and also not giving out blooms.
Touch wood our has never given any problem and grows on its own and also begins on its own with dropped seeds.

Tiny black rice grain shaped  seeds from single pod of cardinal climber Cyprus Vine Ganesh bel
Cardinal Climber spreading all over
 Meanwhile the cyprus vine, Ganesh Bel as it is called in India is growing wildly and happily covering most of the pots with tiny red bell shaped blooms. The Cardinal climber needs strong sunlight and grows well with watering regularly. Very easy hence spreading fast, each vine comes from seeds dropped by the pod that come after drying of flowers.
Beautiful Red Bell shaped flowering climber

Humming birds favourite flowering climber Cyprus Vine
very good to cover walls and garden gates, it will look great on trellis and grills.  Just that in winters it dries off and also catches white fungus. Tiny black seeds sprout very fast and lovely nature,each pod has plenty of seeds, very strong survival instinct, this one has!
Star shaped red flowers on climber Ganesh Bel
Tips to maintain the Ganesh bel for years-
1) Grow plant in any sized container, even small size is enough , just keep a check as it covers all the other plants stifling their growth.
2) Never water the plant in full sunlight , the delicate tiny leaves burn and drop off.
3) Keep the space airy and well ventilated as crammed spaces promotes fungus growth which kills the plant.
4) Try to keep the tangles in place, as the plant has  a voracious habit of giving out new shoots from every nooks try to keep them in one direction to avoid fungal growth.
5) Always let the flowers dry naturally and allow time for seed pods to develop. Green pods after flowers have dropped will not give you seeds. This requires patience.
6) Remember to collect seeds as unexpectedly the climber dries off without anything left. As winter sets in the whole climber turns brownish and sometimes may also get attacked by white fungus. Best to remove  it.
7) While planting seeds, choose healthy soil, well draining, rich with fertiliser and sow seeds just a few inches below top line. As fr us they themselves find place in every pot!and as spring comes about we see tiny shoots of delicately fine green colored new ones coming out.
Dried Flower pods and black rice grain shaped seeds of Cardinal Climber
Hope this helps, this is a very beautiful spiritual plant that grows in happy lucky homes, Many people try to grow this but the climber dries off and does not take root.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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