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Friday, November 7, 2014

Salvia Flowering Shrub caring Tips Salvia Flower Photos from our Reader Dr Vivek, Thank you from Garden Care Simplified

Two Exotic flowering plant shrubs, Salvia Flower Photos from our Reader Dr Vivek, Thank you from Garden Care Simplified!
These lovely exotic blooming plants, Salvia, are available in many varieties, very tiny and delicate plants, as I have not had much luck in maintaining them. They represent strong symbolism of love and friendship and growing thenm in the south west sector of your garden will attract harmony and  good relationships.  Lovely exotic flowers Salvia, some  caring tips.
1) Need well draining soil, cloggy soil kills the plant.
2) Does not tolerate direct strong sunlight, leaves drop and turn yellow . Choose a sunny location but not full day.
3) Even after watering the plant may not look healthy unless the soil is nutritious and well fertilized.Requires cowdung.
4) When after flowering be careful while trimming,a s you may cut off the stem that is growing new shoots of leaves.
5) I think the plant needs to be watered twice a day for maintaining.As my plants would shrivel with  watering once a day, that's the tricky part.
6) Over watering will make the stem fleshy and it will bend and then finally your Salvia may lose life .
7) The bugs and beetles love the leaves, holes in leaves are a prominent feature with these delicate plants.
8) Butterfly larvae, Caterpillar feed on the leaves. Keep the Salvia plants protected from pests, otherwise in one evening the whole plant may go barren.

Slavia Flower Red
 Nevertheless these Salvia flowering shrubs once well settled grow into lovely shrubs and give annually, biannually healthy blooms.
Salvia Flower Pink
Allamanda Blancheti

Pink Star Cluster
 Meanwhile the Allamnada Blancheti and the Pink white red magenta star cluster bushes are at their best this winter. But seem energy going a bit low as we lost our lovely two pet birds another great heartbreaking  loss are these  beautiful Rose bushes,pink and white that have been with us for many many years, and have given us plenty, very huge sized blooms, at a time they would be dressed up with more than 25 to 30  flowers....always drooping from the  little bushes,... the rose plants would have more flowers than leaves..... have left us this winter, the plants during setting of winter would often catch fungus but would spring back with new green leaves but this time did not make it...maybe the soul had its journey completed... whatever God's wish...time to bring in some new energy, some new ones soon will be added, very soon! God Bless from Rizwana!
Pink and White Rose Bush

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