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Monday, November 10, 2014

Modern Contemporary Garden Furniture Cane Furniture Wrought Iron Stone Seats and Modern Acrylic Crystal Garden Furniture

Garden furniture has so much variety that we get confused as to which would be  best for our garden. moved from the traditional wood, stone and cane to acrylic crystal furniture. With modern sleek designs and patterns garden furniture no longer consists of seats and chairs but has added a lot to the the list of garden furniture. From rock to bamboo  and pebbles designer seats to gemstone studded seating arrangement furniture has swinging rocking chairs and also recliners mad e of cane to bring in comfort as well as style to your garden decor.
Unique gemstone studded barrel converted centre table

Comfortable modern contemporary garden furniture

Stone cement garden seats strong long lasting

Easy rocking chair garden furniture made of cane 

Sleek comfortable wooden garden furniture
Contemporary designs in cane furniture has also changed the look of boring garden furniture that had a centre table and  chairs. The trend in garden furniture is moving from traditional to more and more designer and unique garden furniture as well as comfort at highest level spreading from home decor to garden decor.

Meanwhile the garden has a bit more casualties and deaths this time, very very sad ,we lost the oldest two beautiful rose bushes ....that had given us plenty of blooms. But life is all about moving with the obsessively painting canvasses with latest " My Awakened Heart".
Loads of colors added new plants to terrace garden
Some good feng shui welcomed,  fresh energy added, Balsam, periwinkles , they are the sturdiest forms of color, roses and yellow fragrant  shevanti . New plants have made way into our family, hope they get comfy and stay with us for long! All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. Teak patio furniture is the way to go, at least for my garden furniture!

  2. Thank you Jen for this suggestion yes teak is tough and resistant to water too.
    Welcome to Garden care Simplified!
    All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. Garden Furniture Ertonga Ev Bahçe Ofis Mobilyalari , Cafe, Avm, kamu kurum mobilyalari daha fazlasi için websitemizi ziyaret ediniz. plastik rattan mobilyalar ile tüm bahçe, veranda, teras, havuz, balkon mobilyalarini dünya markasi olan üretici firmalardan ithal ederek, bu magazalarindan toptan veya parekende olarak satisini yapmaktadir. Aradiginiz ürünü hemen bulun, inceleyin, kolayca satin alin!

  4. Jimmy Johns welcome to Garden Care Simplified! All the Best from Rizwana!

  5. Our products are widely used on wrought iron gates, wrought iron fences, wrought iron stairs, wrought iron balconies and many other metal art works. wrought iron scrolls

  6. Thank you so much Vikas Industries , for coming by Garden Care Simplified! This is so helpful and wrought iron is always tough , durable and in fashion! All the Best from Rizwana!

  7. Thanks for sharing superb article about Outdoor Furniture. This is very useful information for online blog review readers. Keep it up such a wonderful posting like this. cane furniture

  8. Thanks Gene India for coming by Garden Care Simplified! Thanks for the lovely comment! All the Best from Rizwana!


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