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Monday, November 3, 2014

Cyprus vine, Ganesh Bel Cardinal Climber Trumpet Shaped Red Flowering plant Important Tips to Maintain Cardinal Climber for years

After Diwali , Hindu New Year, and Muharram the Muslim New Year and loads of celebrations going on people have sure decorated their homes with lovely colorful marigolds and yellow ones. Then we also see a lot of colorful fresh flowers decorated at entrances as well as in vases to welcome good energy and prosperity. Rangolis of flowers are made with fresh flowers to welcome happiness and wealth.
 While our pet love bird who passed away, bird Boku lies peacefully in the Allamanda plant container it is some respite to see that the plant has given out lovely blooms and looks happy, just a small indication that she decided to stay with us! Always remembered with fond memories! and another very sad loss of the little baby finch bird that stayed with us for two and a half months, , sadly suddenly passed away due to the temperatures drop,  cold wave and chilly winds during the  'Nilofer storm'.

Even though they all live indoors and protected from direct winds, ....26th October 2014
The plant at its full beauty after rains  has been throwing its weight all around! is the cardinal climber, cyprus vine or Ganesh bel as it is called here.
Though the growing part is very easy people just can't keep the plant for long and many have asked for advice regarding how to maintain this beautiful climber for years. Many complain of the Ganesh Bel climber drying off even after caring and also not giving out blooms.
Touch wood our has never given any problem and grows on its own and also begins on its own with dropped seeds.

Tiny black rice grain shaped  seeds from single pod of cardinal climber Cyprus Vine Ganesh bel
Cardinal Climber spreading all over
 Meanwhile the cyprus vine, Ganesh Bel as it is called in India is growing wildly and happily covering most of the pots with tiny red bell shaped blooms. The Cardinal climber needs strong sunlight and grows well with watering regularly. Very easy hence spreading fast, each vine comes from seeds dropped by the pod that come after drying of flowers.
Beautiful Red Bell shaped flowering climber

Humming birds favourite flowering climber Cyprus Vine
very good to cover walls and garden gates, it will look great on trellis and grills.  Just that in winters it dries off and also catches white fungus. Tiny black seeds sprout very fast and lovely nature,each pod has plenty of seeds, very strong survival instinct, this one has!
Star shaped red flowers on climber Ganesh Bel
Tips to maintain the Ganesh bel for years-
1) Grow plant in any sized container, even small size is enough , just keep a check as it covers all the other plants stifling their growth.
2) Never water the plant in full sunlight , the delicate tiny leaves burn and drop off.
3) Keep the space airy and well ventilated as crammed spaces promotes fungus growth which kills the plant.
4) Try to keep the tangles in place, as the plant has  a voracious habit of giving out new shoots from every nooks try to keep them in one direction to avoid fungal growth.
5) Always let the flowers dry naturally and allow time for seed pods to develop. Green pods after flowers have dropped will not give you seeds. This requires patience.
6) Remember to collect seeds as unexpectedly the climber dries off without anything left. As winter sets in the whole climber turns brownish and sometimes may also get attacked by white fungus. Best to remove  it.
7) While planting seeds, choose healthy soil, well draining, rich with fertiliser and sow seeds just a few inches below top line. As fr us they themselves find place in every pot!and as spring comes about we see tiny shoots of delicately fine green colored new ones coming out.
Dried Flower pods and black rice grain shaped seeds of Cardinal Climber
Hope this helps, this is a very beautiful spiritual plant that grows in happy lucky homes, Many people try to grow this but the climber dries off and does not take root.
All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. Wat is the best season for seeds to sprout. I have soaked some seeds in water which help them swell.

    1. Kiran, I usually keep my seeds in some sunlight and then plant in a small container. After winters, is best, but depends on different types of plants. Soaking seeds may attract seed rot, take care,do let me know how this works out! and All the Best from Rizwana!


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