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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Five Reasons Why Your Newly Planted Plant Died, 5 practical tips to save newly planted plants

Newly planted, yes with hope, happiness, excitement and planning to see some great awesum blooms, but within a few hours or a day the newly planted plant dies! So many queries I get that the newly planted plant has droopy leaves after a day of planting, or the sapling looks sick, the new plant does not give out any change or even that the plant suddenly died with no reason What so ever!
Why does a newly planted plant die?
The obsession , though there is hardly any space left, but still a  few more squeezed in the addition of my precious extended family! With my obsession of plants it is most  of the time that I have this compulsion to buy new plants. Actually they are squeezed in my little space under the sun but they love me and bless me with awesum blooms.
Newly Planted Exotic!

Plant with white leaves tiny yellow flowers

Ribbon Grass

Beautiful ribbon Grass Close up

Petunia flowers fluorescent pink

Awesum fluorescent pink petunia bllooms
Happened with me so many times over the years , of gardening and container planting.With so much control on this buying and a gap of few months thinking of focussing on bigger container plants that are giving great blooms like the Allamanda, champa and of course my roses and mogra plants still have  added a few new ones recently with the onset of rains.
Why does a newly planted plant die?
1) Not taking well to the new environment and climate, too hot sun  or too much shade.
2) Container soil not well draining, clogged soil naturally kills as they rot the roots. watering is one of the main causes of newly plant deaths.Too much or too little.
3)Ants pests or any external bugs that immediately start eating the leaves and the plant goes into distress.
4) too large container, this has happened many times. A small sapling when put into a very huge  pot of soil usually dies, Maybe it is because it has to be shifted gradually from one size bigger container, step by step.
5) Evil eye, or some ones touch can kill a precious exotic plant within few hours.
A simple step while planting a new bought plant, communication helps, intentions helps, your love and trust helps. I have seen plants on verge of death coming up springing to life by love and care, just observe , they communicate their needs. And don't be scared to try out something different with your plants, I have also experienced that something new/ common sense works, I never leave them to die, try to save them, as it is lastly they may die if you abandon them, so what is the harm in trying, repot them, trim them, change places , try!   All the Best from Rizwana!
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If you have chanced upon my page from Google search, Please do share ,You may not need it but this plant advice and gardening tips can help some one on verge of giving up gardening!Save a lot of plant lives and loads of money!
All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved ©  Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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Sansevieria cylindrica Ornamental plant

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Recycle Old Furniture as garden planters Unique recycled garden planters

Old sofa set as unique planters in garden
Recycle your old furniture, instead of throwing away old broken pieces of furniture you can reuse them unique creatively as garden planters. This beautiful concept has been going on since long time by eco friendly and eco awareness drives and this photo was shared by a friend on face book.
I have been using so many broken pots,  artifacts and sculptures as unique planters and even hand painted bottles that look awesum and also bring out the beauty in your greens! The gum boots and the helmet  is a classic one in my garden that are great conversation pieces!
Old shelves and drawers as beautiful garden planters
for those who have large gardens it is difficult to bring out so many planters and this concept is so beautiful using recycled old furniture as planters. You not only benefit from the old furniture instead of throwing it you also do a bit for the mother earth by using these resources in a great way.
These also act as great focal points and beauty elements in your garden.
Do share your ideas and how you have been using this concept of recycling wood/old furniture in your garden.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Evil Eye on Your plants Why plants die by evil eye effects and how to prevent evil eyes on your flowering plants

Evil Eye on Your plants , I don't know whether you have seen this and if you accept this, but I did not a few years back. It never came upon me that this could happen, but have seen plants die off within a few hours from some ones touch or evil eye or comment! Buri nazar on flowering plants has become common and people gets cared to show their blooms.
Few years back I would not have believed this but it happened in front of my eyes! I dont know why,  but women carry more negative energy as compared to men regarding flowering plants. Some one just plucked a tomato fruit and tasted it, threw it and by evening the plant dried! Roses too do not take well to everyone. And I have lost some great ones by visitors or servants just randomly plucking flowers.
Actually they don't realize that flowers are a part of the plant. I always take permission before plucking a flower, and that too only rarely I do as flowers stay fresh longer on plants. Then gently take sharp scissors and cut the bloom, never pull it directly, it affects the health of your plant.
Why plants die by evil eye effects and how to prevent evil eyes on your flowering plants is what I have learned over the years and am sharing with you all for the benefit of your dear awesum flowering green ones.
Water as protection from evil eye in garden
1) When people come and see the first thing in your house a fully loaded blooming plant, it gets attacked by all the negative energy they have carried while travelling and thus hits strong to your plant.
2) Some people carry negative emotions regarding us and may transfer this to anything they see at our place and it usually affects plants.
3) Environmental hazards, like too hot and too cold can coincide with visitors and affect your plant health.
4) The person may suddenly pluck a flower or touch the plant with negative energy and the plant may not take this too well and dies.
5) Newly planted plant is weak in energy and is trying to adjust , in this time if visitors or new people touch it , it may die.
6) Torture!yes plants too express and give up, like many times plucking of flowers by unknown people, pets breaking the stems, trampling the plant or small children often plucking fresh leaves for fun. All has an effect on your plant health.
7) From energy point of view- plants used to a certain type of energy of the gardener suddenly get hit by some one else and if they are not protected and healthy die.
8) Not all eyes are evil, only some times, hence we hardly realize before it is too late!
How to protect your flowering plants from evil eyes-
1) Tieing a red, black ribbon helps. Takes the viewers attention first here.
2) Hanging a wind chime or any moving object like magic ball, crystal globe helps to take the attention of the visitor, or the first look, then when they view the flowers it converts to  secondary energy.

Mirror Globe glass evil eye cure

3) Water has always been a great feng shui cure for luck wealth and protection. Always keep a pot of water in your garden, this helps protect from evil eye and also attracts birds for a dip, feng shui heaven luck.
4) Always have some symbols of protection near your plants. people often put some sculptures, images or decorative vases to protect the flowering plants from buri nazar , evil eye.
5) Mirrors in feng shui are very good to protect from evil eye, but they really have to be used very carefully otherwise you may end up in turning away all your good fortune to drains!
Feng shui mirror evil; eye cure
6) Use color for protection, white the strongest Yang color is great for protection from negative energy in your garden.
Feng shui evil eye cure
I have now learned to say before hand, please do not pluck! you have the right to protect your awesum greens and blooms from evil eye and negative energy. And if they want  gently say wait, I will give you a bloom and then I do it myself, instead of allowing them to go ahead! Oh I love my plants and they better accept this!
Meanwhile Goldie , our budgie love bird still continues to face trials from God, after two surgeries for the boil near the eye and becoming  healthy , since past two days she is having convulsions/fits ( so sad to see her turning her neck and round and round) and then she gets up, and looks fine. But still she is not eating properly... praying for her...the other two just stare and converse as they and we are helpless.
I have now planted many mogra cuttings as this one has taken well to our space under the sun and this year given awesum blooms!
Fragrant Mogra Jasmine Flowers

Majestic King of Flowers Rose
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Hope this helps, and All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, June 5, 2015

How to recycle cut wood and make amazing show pieces Use Cut Wood and bring feng shui wood energy

Recycled wood from cut trees art
 Recycling cut wood from trees is a great cheap way to decorate your house. This inspiration came fifteen years back and still the pieces of painted wood from the Gulmohar tree are great and look unique and beautiful! A simple way to attract feng shui wood energy into your home is to add real wood that is excellent form of wood energy to activate relationships , health and wealth energy in your home or any space.
Decorative show pieces from scrap cut wood
 You just have to look out for cut pieces from road side or your own garden, search for naturally beautiful forms, branches that may look like or are similar to any attractive form or shape. When I first saw this tree cut in our society compound, it just connected with me, there were so many beautiful forms, each one on its own amazing, some similar to what we see in nature some abstract and some intriguing but each one unique. And you just don't have to spend a  lot of money for buying these show pieces, you can make them simply at home.
How to make show pieces by recycling cut wood trees
 How to make wood decorative art pieces for home and office decor-
Tree wood show pieces for feng shui energy
1) Choose the cut wood, thick stem with tiny branches  coming out from them shape. There are amazing shapes, like geometric, snakes, animal, faces, patterns, flower, buildings, ladders, birds, and many things you get to see in wood forms.
2) See that the wood is not infected or diseased otherwise the hand made show pieces will collapse by wood powdery infestation.
3) Scrape extra from top layer and apply dark colored oil paint. This gives a protective layer to your  wood show piece.
4) Now add anything that you wish by gluing it or tieing it with thread over the wood show artefacts.
5) From buttons to beads to glass diamonds to pearls and silk flowers you juts cannot have limit to your imagination while making these wood show pieces  of art.
6)  A final coat of varnish helps to keep the wood strong and protects from dust and this can be easily washed with water or wet cloth.
7) East , south east are best for feng shui wood element and you can make your own money tree  also in this way.
I have seen that not only trees but even old furniture can be repainted and recycled amazingly! Next time on this! Use old furniture for gardening ideas!
Did you make any like this or how have u used recycled wood in your home, do share!
Here I have shared a few decorative ones from the many  I did, no I did not sell them they were just an expression of art!a step towards my spiritual journey in making art...
All the Best from Rizwana!
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If you have chanced upon my page from Google search, Please do share ,You may not need it but this plant advice and gardening tips can help some one on verge of giving up gardening!Save a lot of plant lives and loads of money!
All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © since 2010 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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