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Friday, June 5, 2015

How to recycle cut wood and make amazing show pieces Use Cut Wood and bring feng shui wood energy

Recycled wood from cut trees art
 Recycling cut wood from trees is a great cheap way to decorate your house. This inspiration came fifteen years back and still the pieces of painted wood from the Gulmohar tree are great and look unique and beautiful! A simple way to attract feng shui wood energy into your home is to add real wood that is excellent form of wood energy to activate relationships , health and wealth energy in your home or any space.
Decorative show pieces from scrap cut wood
 You just have to look out for cut pieces from road side or your own garden, search for naturally beautiful forms, branches that may look like or are similar to any attractive form or shape. When I first saw this tree cut in our society compound, it just connected with me, there were so many beautiful forms, each one on its own amazing, some similar to what we see in nature some abstract and some intriguing but each one unique. And you just don't have to spend a  lot of money for buying these show pieces, you can make them simply at home.
How to make show pieces by recycling cut wood trees
 How to make wood decorative art pieces for home and office decor-
Tree wood show pieces for feng shui energy
1) Choose the cut wood, thick stem with tiny branches  coming out from them shape. There are amazing shapes, like geometric, snakes, animal, faces, patterns, flower, buildings, ladders, birds, and many things you get to see in wood forms.
2) See that the wood is not infected or diseased otherwise the hand made show pieces will collapse by wood powdery infestation.
3) Scrape extra from top layer and apply dark colored oil paint. This gives a protective layer to your  wood show piece.
4) Now add anything that you wish by gluing it or tieing it with thread over the wood show artefacts.
5) From buttons to beads to glass diamonds to pearls and silk flowers you juts cannot have limit to your imagination while making these wood show pieces  of art.
6)  A final coat of varnish helps to keep the wood strong and protects from dust and this can be easily washed with water or wet cloth.
7) East , south east are best for feng shui wood element and you can make your own money tree  also in this way.
I have seen that not only trees but even old furniture can be repainted and recycled amazingly! Next time on this! Use old furniture for gardening ideas!
Did you make any like this or how have u used recycled wood in your home, do share!
Here I have shared a few decorative ones from the many  I did, no I did not sell them they were just an expression of art!a step towards my spiritual journey in making art...
All the Best from Rizwana!
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  2. Oh Thank you so much Jones Henry, Welcome to Garden Care Simplified! And thanks for posting such an Awesum helpful link, buying plants online, The Tree Center!
    All the Best from Rizwana !


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