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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Recycle Old Furniture as garden planters Unique recycled garden planters

Old sofa set as unique planters in garden
Recycle your old furniture, instead of throwing away old broken pieces of furniture you can reuse them unique creatively as garden planters. This beautiful concept has been going on since long time by eco friendly and eco awareness drives and this photo was shared by a friend on face book.
I have been using so many broken pots,  artifacts and sculptures as unique planters and even hand painted bottles that look awesum and also bring out the beauty in your greens! The gum boots and the helmet  is a classic one in my garden that are great conversation pieces!
Old shelves and drawers as beautiful garden planters
for those who have large gardens it is difficult to bring out so many planters and this concept is so beautiful using recycled old furniture as planters. You not only benefit from the old furniture instead of throwing it you also do a bit for the mother earth by using these resources in a great way.
These also act as great focal points and beauty elements in your garden.
Do share your ideas and how you have been using this concept of recycling wood/old furniture in your garden.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. Thought I was excellent in garden flowering, but these photos have given me a challenge. They are truly awesome and magnificent!
    I love them all.

  2. Oh thanks a lot for the compliment Hanedan Smith! Welcome to Garden Care Simplified!


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