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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Purple Copper Leaf Plant Metallic Leaves Good feng Shui Plant for Career Luck

Purple color leaves, maroon, metallic color leaves are a  welcome  from the greens in our garden.  Not only does the plant look healthy but also produces tiny white radiant glowing flowers.
Commonly known as Purple Waffle, Red Flame Ivy, Red Metallic, a plant spreading from side way developing nodules and small tiny roots at small distance.

Healthy growing copper metallic color leaves plant
First Rain Clouds Blue Sky

              First Rains Welcomed 2013 Terrace Garden Clear Sky
 with the first clouds in the sky and the first welcome   rains after the summers, it was sure a  beautiful sight to view the garden getting the rain show from heaven.
The copper metallic color leaves plant which was at the back during winters  , gradually  took a great leap in growth during summers and spread like wild over the pot.
This plant looks very beautiful with its metallic color and tiny white flowers which glow against the back drop of metallic purple maroon colored leaves on the copper  leaf plant.
Growing different colored leaves and flowers is a passion and same colors greens ,  is so boring. Nature is seen in beauty of colors and as we associate plants leaves  with green colors  there are umpteen n number of colored leaves to be enjoyed in   nature.
The copper metallic colored leaves are great with white tiny flowers. I love the whitest white of these tiny flowers as they look very good in contrasting copper maroon tinted leaves.
Copper color maroon red leaves plant
Love Bird Budgie Sitting Comfortably on Hand Finger

red color on back side  of leaves copper plant
 Meanwhile the budgie love birds, four of them, have been trained by  my son and this one seems to enjoy the trip of our home on his finger.
Training love birds is very delicate and slow process as they get scared , not their fault, we  appear as giants to them,. Only when they start trusting us, feeling comfortable with our presence, by our care over the years, that they love to sit on our hands, fingers and shoulders.
And once they trust us and enjoy playing, there is no looking back,  they want this time out frequently!
(this one is the most noisiest talkative of the four and also willing to pose for pics!),
feng shui metal luck for career copper purple plant
 A very good feng shui plant to attract metal luck because of the metallic color.  Copper leaf plants are available in many varieties and since most plants have maroon or dark red leaves this one has shiny copper colored metallic leaves that shine. Career luck, helpful friends mentor luck, new opportunities luck, business and job luck all these correspond  to the feng shui north section of your garden which can be energized by  growing feng shui plants.Purple,  blue, white colored flowering plants are best in the north section of your garden to bring feng shui harmony  and luck.

Tiny white flowers on copper metallic purple leaf plants
This copper leaf plant grows best in indirect sunlight and regular  watering. A well draining sol is a must for healthy growing of copper leaf plant. Have not seen any plant diseases except few eaten leaves by bugs but the plant has recovered on its own.
For best visual impact grow as ground covers as this is a fast spreading creeper and will cover the ground very fast with tiny white flowers. The plant spreads around side ways from all directions leaving roots at regular intervals of few inches on the stems. Grow as side borders, centre arrangements in garden landscaping or in hanging pots.
All the Best!
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Purple copper Leaves  Metallic Coloured
Lilac tiny flower creeper space cover
Colourful flowers of Himachal Pradesh
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All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2010-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Set Up a Mini Garden Green House Guide the Arrowhead Pink White Dotted Leaves plant flowering

Arrow head plant flowering original photo on
 Mini garden Green House a great concept is very easy and you also do not require much space to set up a mini garden. Now we will not have the excuse of less space for gardening.
There are ready mini gardens green houses available in the gardening supplies market. With shaded ready installer, complete with wiring mesh covering and metal frame, a mini garden can be  set up in any place, portable, and also moved indoors during seasonal changes like cold and snow.
Mini gardens are available in tier system forms depending upon the investment you wish to make   to set up  a garden and space available for garden.
Two tier, three tier and larger mini gardens can be purchased and set up in your home  patio or window sill or entrance. Pots can be arranged directly on the sections provided within the mini garden and the whole garden, plants, is covered for protection against external environmental factors with a netted material total neatly firm with zipper on sides.
Mini garden, green house is portable and can be moved according to seasonal changes and also when you are on a vacation just shift it to the neighbors or friends place by dismantling it and set it up again as  a  whole.
Arrowhead plant, pink white dottted plant with elephant ear shape leaves, has flowered this summer and the bud and flower of the arrowhead plant look almost similar to peace lily flowers.
Arrow head indoor house plant has been quite since the past year and with the new growth and company of peace lily and white fragrant lily plants has flowered into a beautiful white flower.
Arrow Head Show Plant Colorful Pink White Dotted Leaves
 what I love most of the arrowhead plant is natures painting, pink and white dots carefully laid on each bright green leaf. The flower is unique and different with pod of white, snake hood shaped,  similar to the peace lily plant flowers.
Arrow head plants can also be grown indoors with partial indirect sunlight.
growing from rhizome this plant is for life long companion and good to share.
It feels wonderful to see the small bits of arrowhead rhizomes sprout into colorful shocking pink white dotted leaves in many containers. This one growing among the mogra plants also surprised me with its lovely blooms!
Flower on Arrowhead Plant original picture by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why my Rose Flowers are Burnt and Small Size Blooms Biggest Mistake in Growing Roses

Weak rose flower buds on plant

What not to do for rose plants
Why my rose flowers are burnt , black, and producing small blooms. As if all the other  rose bushes have always given very healthy blooms this year I did the biggest mistake while growing roses, which I had never done.
Burnt flowers on rose biggest mistake for growing roses
Fertilizing the rose bushes during summers, biggest very expensive mistake, I feel so sad the white rose bush is forced to produce so many blooms, all are tiny buds opening into small flowers that have burnt black brown edges.
Why are my  rose flowers  black burnt on plant
The only repair I can do is too allow  the blooms and then trim off the burnt flowers to help the plant to conserve some energy. The rose bush is quite many years old and would forgive my mistake, as it is showing healthy green leaves now and recovering from this forced flowering trauma. Will remember this lesson  for my entire life, never fertilize rose plants, or nay plants, just before summer or during summer. Am watering  the rose plant  twice daily to wash out the excess of additions and bear the summer intense heat.

ebook on growing big sized roses
Heavenly Roses
For rose paintings kindly visit my website

Trim extra spent flowers and some stem to get healthy rose flower blooms. An important tip for healthy big rose flowers is to trim the flowers when they have dried to encourage new growth and new healthy rose flowers.
Healthy Brahma Kamal Plant in Shape of Dragon Mouth Original Photo by Mrs Rizwana A
Meanwhile the Brahma Kamal plant has grown into a   unique shape, looking like the mouth of a dragon or bunny rabbit. Two flaps for the mouth and two large ears, nature ceases to excite and astonish me!

Gulmohar Tree at Full Bloom Feng Shui Symbolism Golden Shower Tree in Feng Shui

Blooming of Gulmohar Tree Red Flame of Forest
Growing gulmohar tree  in container was   big challenge and I am so very happy to have succeeded.  Enjoy the beautiful gulmor tree pics clicked by my mobile phone. The beautiful  Gulmohar tree has bloomed to its beauty with coming summers. meanwhile our Gulmohar tree in container has sent  out lovely bright green shoots of new leaves,   hoping for more bright vermillon red flowers. Beautiful flowers of the gulmohar are unique with red, orange and yellow, a master piece created by God!
Beautiful Red Flowers on Gulmohar Tree

 Feng Shui Symbolism for gulmohar tree is it adds great energy to any garden and landscape. With the red color  flowers it is a very good tree  to be grown in the south sector   of your garden.
Feng shui symbolism for plants is they are very good energy enhancers for east and south section of your home.
 Growing healthy flowering trees in east attracts stability and good health along with improved happy relationships with elders and family.
 The fame and recognition section lies   in the south section and the wealth and prosperity section in the south east. All  these sections of your garden and home benefit immensely  from growing healthy trees here.
While planning a feng shui garden consider these points and select such trees to give you more luck and prosperity.
Gulmohar tree, or flame of forest as it is termed blooms very well during hot season and summers and the blooms look very attractive with their distinct prominent red color flowers.
Another very good feng shui tree to attract wealth is the Amaltus tree Golden Shower which produces pretty soothing yellow blooms. The hanging bunches of flowers look very pretty and are quite a sight fro any plant lover.
Amaltus Tree Golden Shower in Full  Bloom

Beautiful Amalatus Golden Shower Tree
Feng shui places a lot of importance on plants as  energy enhancers, and planting healthy strong trees, especially flowering and fruiting trees brings good luck and prosperity, an of course  the  visual beauty of the blooms!
Trees bring strength to the home and colors give energy, in feng shui we can also use feng shui color symbolism to attract good luck and harmony. As red represents fame and recognition, blue flowers  and climbers  represent career and money luck, silver jade plants in north to attract metal luck as gray color represents metal, yellow and white flowers in north west section to attract mentor luck, and so on.
 Summers are great with this beautiful flame of forest trees everywhere , an out of this world experience , stand below the majestic gulmohar tree, enjoy the shade and take a shower of this beautiful red blooms, enjoy!
Thank You!

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