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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gulmohar Tree at Full Bloom Feng Shui Symbolism Golden Shower Tree in Feng Shui

Blooming of Gulmohar Tree Red Flame of Forest
Growing gulmohar tree  in container was   big challenge and I am so very happy to have succeeded.  Enjoy the beautiful gulmor tree pics clicked by my mobile phone. The beautiful  Gulmohar tree has bloomed to its beauty with coming summers. meanwhile our Gulmohar tree in container has sent  out lovely bright green shoots of new leaves,   hoping for more bright vermillon red flowers. Beautiful flowers of the gulmohar are unique with red, orange and yellow, a master piece created by God!
Beautiful Red Flowers on Gulmohar Tree

 Feng Shui Symbolism for gulmohar tree is it adds great energy to any garden and landscape. With the red color  flowers it is a very good tree  to be grown in the south sector   of your garden.
Feng shui symbolism for plants is they are very good energy enhancers for east and south section of your home.
 Growing healthy flowering trees in east attracts stability and good health along with improved happy relationships with elders and family.
 The fame and recognition section lies   in the south section and the wealth and prosperity section in the south east. All  these sections of your garden and home benefit immensely  from growing healthy trees here.
While planning a feng shui garden consider these points and select such trees to give you more luck and prosperity.
Gulmohar tree, or flame of forest as it is termed blooms very well during hot season and summers and the blooms look very attractive with their distinct prominent red color flowers.
Another very good feng shui tree to attract wealth is the Amaltus tree Golden Shower which produces pretty soothing yellow blooms. The hanging bunches of flowers look very pretty and are quite a sight fro any plant lover.
Amaltus Tree Golden Shower in Full  Bloom

Beautiful Amalatus Golden Shower Tree
Feng shui places a lot of importance on plants as  energy enhancers, and planting healthy strong trees, especially flowering and fruiting trees brings good luck and prosperity, an of course  the  visual beauty of the blooms!
Trees bring strength to the home and colors give energy, in feng shui we can also use feng shui color symbolism to attract good luck and harmony. As red represents fame and recognition, blue flowers  and climbers  represent career and money luck, silver jade plants in north to attract metal luck as gray color represents metal, yellow and white flowers in north west section to attract mentor luck, and so on.
 Summers are great with this beautiful flame of forest trees everywhere , an out of this world experience , stand below the majestic gulmohar tree, enjoy the shade and take a shower of this beautiful red blooms, enjoy!
Thank You!

1 comment:

  1. feng shui of Gulmohar tree is so great, with its strength and color, love the reds!in contrasting with fresh green leaves , superb


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