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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why my Rose Flowers are Burnt and Small Size Blooms Biggest Mistake in Growing Roses

Weak rose flower buds on plant

What not to do for rose plants
Why my rose flowers are burnt , black, and producing small blooms. As if all the other  rose bushes have always given very healthy blooms this year I did the biggest mistake while growing roses, which I had never done.
Burnt flowers on rose biggest mistake for growing roses
Fertilizing the rose bushes during summers, biggest very expensive mistake, I feel so sad the white rose bush is forced to produce so many blooms, all are tiny buds opening into small flowers that have burnt black brown edges.
Why are my  rose flowers  black burnt on plant
The only repair I can do is too allow  the blooms and then trim off the burnt flowers to help the plant to conserve some energy. The rose bush is quite many years old and would forgive my mistake, as it is showing healthy green leaves now and recovering from this forced flowering trauma. Will remember this lesson  for my entire life, never fertilize rose plants, or nay plants, just before summer or during summer. Am watering  the rose plant  twice daily to wash out the excess of additions and bear the summer intense heat.

ebook on growing big sized roses
Heavenly Roses
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Trim extra spent flowers and some stem to get healthy rose flower blooms. An important tip for healthy big rose flowers is to trim the flowers when they have dried to encourage new growth and new healthy rose flowers.
Healthy Brahma Kamal Plant in Shape of Dragon Mouth Original Photo by Mrs Rizwana A
Meanwhile the Brahma Kamal plant has grown into a   unique shape, looking like the mouth of a dragon or bunny rabbit. Two flaps for the mouth and two large ears, nature ceases to excite and astonish me!


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