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Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Set Up a Mini Garden Green House Guide the Arrowhead Pink White Dotted Leaves plant flowering

Arrow head plant flowering original photo on
 Mini garden Green House a great concept is very easy and you also do not require much space to set up a mini garden. Now we will not have the excuse of less space for gardening.
There are ready mini gardens green houses available in the gardening supplies market. With shaded ready installer, complete with wiring mesh covering and metal frame, a mini garden can be  set up in any place, portable, and also moved indoors during seasonal changes like cold and snow.
Mini gardens are available in tier system forms depending upon the investment you wish to make   to set up  a garden and space available for garden.
Two tier, three tier and larger mini gardens can be purchased and set up in your home  patio or window sill or entrance. Pots can be arranged directly on the sections provided within the mini garden and the whole garden, plants, is covered for protection against external environmental factors with a netted material total neatly firm with zipper on sides.
Mini garden, green house is portable and can be moved according to seasonal changes and also when you are on a vacation just shift it to the neighbors or friends place by dismantling it and set it up again as  a  whole.
Arrowhead plant, pink white dottted plant with elephant ear shape leaves, has flowered this summer and the bud and flower of the arrowhead plant look almost similar to peace lily flowers.
Arrow head indoor house plant has been quite since the past year and with the new growth and company of peace lily and white fragrant lily plants has flowered into a beautiful white flower.
Arrow Head Show Plant Colorful Pink White Dotted Leaves
 what I love most of the arrowhead plant is natures painting, pink and white dots carefully laid on each bright green leaf. The flower is unique and different with pod of white, snake hood shaped,  similar to the peace lily plant flowers.
Arrow head plants can also be grown indoors with partial indirect sunlight.
growing from rhizome this plant is for life long companion and good to share.
It feels wonderful to see the small bits of arrowhead rhizomes sprout into colorful shocking pink white dotted leaves in many containers. This one growing among the mogra plants also surprised me with its lovely blooms!
Flower on Arrowhead Plant original picture by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi


  1. Wow... it is fantastic. There are many varieties of gardening and home improvement-related topics. I am really very interested about flower gardening.

    Keep up good work
    Thanks to share with us ^_^
    you can see my blog

  2. Vandana thanks for the lovely comment, and coming by Garden care Simplified,
    yes loved your blog, very informative and great pictures.

  3. mini garden are the need for the hour, today, with space crunch, hope many people plant a small garden


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