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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bright Yellow Day Lilly Flowers Care and Planting Tips How to Grow Beautiful yellow Baskets of Happiness Day Lillies

Cheery yellow Day Lilly Flower
Bright cheery golden yellow flowers welcoming in this gloomy rainy weather, is a wonderful sight in our terrace garden.  Not only do they act as a wonderful color contrast among the fresh green leaves to the sky of dark grey but also shine in almost heavenly glow of golden yellow against the sky.
Not only this yellow but another one also seems enjoying the rains and growing wildly fast, the water melon creeper is throwing tendrils from every where and clinging to almost any plant to grow higher.
Water melon creeper with yellow flowers
Opening of Day Lilly Flower Bud

Pink small flowers
 The day lilly flowers are very easy to grow and spread like wild. In borders, in baskets and hanging pots they beautify the space and act as energizers with their golden yellow color. Day lillies are also available in many colors, white, pink, light purple and orangy yellow.
Yellow Day Lilly Bud
Yellow day lillies on Himalayas Mountains

Cheerful yellow flowers on Mountains

The day lilly plants grow very fast because the seed pods have plenty of seeds that easily spread with the wind every where.  No wonder we see whole mountains covered with cheery golden yellow flowers.
The best view we get is after sun rise as the water starts trickling from the snow clad mountainous region and with the direct sunlight the flowers bloom like a blanket of gold.
It is a beautiful delight to see the golden yellow covered mountains that are snow clad as an icing on top.
Golden Yellow Majestic day Lilly
 Day lillies require well draining soil and full sunlight. Pebbles rocky soil is great and they die off when over watered.
Beautiful yellow Flower Day Lilly

Seed Pod of yellow day lilly flower
 Each flower when dries off develops a seed pod that is triangular three pods. The pod needs to be dried in full sunlight on the plant itself to develop seeds. Seeds are black bean shaped flat seeds that are in plenty. If not collected they spread but the pod bursting and begin as new plants everywhere. The Day lilly plant grows like tall fresh green colored grass, elongated thin leaves. The plant grows from bulbs and when the seed grows in a bulb one can see how the tiny bulb of wonder can give out so many beautiful golden blooms.
Happy Golden Yellow  Day Lilly Flowers with Boston fern
Care for your day lilly plants- They grow very fast and spread in every pot so you can grow them as colorful borders or in hanging baskets that look beautiful with hanging yellow flowers among the fresh green long leaves. Our plants are in just about every container so I have to be careful to collect the seeds as they dry off in the pod for later use.
The plants need proper soil as they are bulb plants and also require less watering.
We have till date not seen any pest attacks or special care for these lovely plants, and they grow happily without much care.
The plants give out blooms once a year and then every six months or so depending upon the age of the  bulb and available sunlight.
I have seen these tiny bulbs in small sizes 1 centimeter or little more, maybe when these grow large they would give out larger sized blooms.These bulbs are very good for people who do not have much time for gardening as these flowers grow and spread fast on their own with little care, they can cover many spaces soon with bright cheerful yellow, pink, white, lilac, colored flowers. 
Thank you, enjoy the rains!
Take Care and Have a Great Cheerful Day from Rizwana!

Monday, June 16, 2014

How to take care of garden lawn during monsoons Very Important Lawn Care Tips During Monsoons

How to take care of garden lawn during monsoons, as the rains have come as a welcome respite from the scorching heat and sweat another task at hand is how to take care of garden plants and especially open grass lawns.  From soil over flowing and making the pathway muddy to insects and tiny creatures making space within the grass puddles there is some care required for open lawns during rainy season , monsoons.
Beautiful moment captured, the first rain 2014
Yet as we toil hard to grow the greens , monsoons are the best time to enjoy your garden and open space under the sky, feels like heaven!
Very Important Lawn Care Tips During Monsoons-
Maintenance of Green Lawns During Monsoon
1) It is advisable to prepare before hand and many people get shades installed for garden to protect plants and lawn from heavy down pour. We also have the swing with shade that gives protection from rain and allows us to enjoy the greens during monsoons.
2) Temporary plastic covers can also be added as the one sin cricket or soccer fields.
3) If you wish to keep the lawns open for the greens take extra precautions before onset of monsoon to apply stones, rocks, side ways to stop the mud and soil from over flowing to the pathway. For this you need not spend a lot, rocks used or construction purposes also can be kept as lining the side way of the lawn except that be careful while using the lawn and if you have small children and pets around, take extra care to prevent accidental trips.
4) Before beginning of monsoon trim the lawn so that it does not grow like wild immediately with the first showers.
5) The most important geeky one, small puddles of water can form with heavy rains and which gives home to many slimy, tiny, creatures and frogs, fishes and what not. Even snakes start to come during monsoons so keep the lawn neat and trimmed down.
Rocks and Pebbles for Garden

Trim Grass before monsoons

Protect water feature sand water plants from direct down pour

Before monsoon fill all small holes, depressions in soil and any empty spaces that can be home to puddles of water.
6) Avoid any accumulation of water in your lawn during monsoon as this start breeding of mosquitoes, flies and many insects that spread diseases.
7) If you have a water feature in the centre of the lawn ,remember it is bound to over flow during heavy down pour. So take the extra precautions to keep it clean and healthy. Here you can also add up few rocks by lining the surrounding surface of the water well, feature  to allow water to go deeper inside the soil instead of spreading to the whole lawn. Or give it a pathway to go to the side of the lawn into the drains.
Take care of your green lawns during monsoons and prevent soil from flowing away. Also you can add rocky soil before monsoon so that it will allow water to seep in rather than let it flow away side ways.
All the Best from Rizwana, enjoy the down pour!

Jackfruit Health Benefits Tips for cutting Jack Fruits Phanus How to cut jack fruit tips

The strong smell of phanus, jack fruit coming this season every where is a wonderful fruit that can be grown in containers, but love ssoil as it grows quite large   and bears large sized fruits hanging from the tree. The smell  is like bubble gum, chew fruits and soggy fruits with lots of varieties the jack fruit has immense health benefits. Artocarpus heterophyllus scientific name, the fruit usually shaped  as a large huge bean has rough outer covering which is textured and spiky dark greenish which turns brownish on ripening.
Basically we are familiar with two type of variety of jack fruits the fleshy rubbery type and the crunchy type. 
Cutting Jack fruit tips

Edible Kidney Bean shaped Seeds of jack fruit
Jack fruit grow from seeds that are light brown kidney bean shaped which are also edible and taste great when roasted or boiled. The fruits are very large and hang from  the tree trunks and some are even lover hanging that can be reached by hand, but as they look lower they are not so easy to pluck. If anyone has tried will know better that the Jack fruit tree is very strong and grows very tall if allowed to grow happily in humid, and well draining  soil, and the fruits so heavy weighing from a few kilos to very large ones that are attached to the tree trunk with a thick strong twine like stem . Which needs extra sharp knives or scissors to cut them from the tree.
The Jack fruit has to be removed when dark green sometimes and if allowed to ripen on tree sometimes gets damaged form the side facing from tree trunks. When a not so ready jack fruit is got this has to be wrapped in news paper and kept in dry dark place for few days. Meanwhile  keep checking  the jack fruit for signs of any damage and keep turning the fruit so that it ripens from all sides universally. They turn black with fungus if left unattended.
But if the jackfruit is not ripe it will not give out a sweet beans of fruits and will also be quite sticky and not easy to remove and may also cause allergic reaction to throat when eaten raw. This raw jack fruit can be cooked as a vegetable and eaten for health benefits. 
The fruits, mushy sweet with fleshy pulpy fruit,  has a lot of beneficial nutrients, sugar, carbohydrates and fat, proteins and fiber. Rich in antioxidants it also benefits for healthy skin and provides instant energy. With no cholesterol content it is high in vitamin C and thus helps in benefit for eyes and skin and protects from various diseases.  Also due to high calcium content the jack fruit is good for bones and bone health. Very beneficial especially during monsoons when the diseases like colds and flu prevail, this fruit is a wonderful natural health protector.
Fleshy Variety of Jack Fruit
You can grow jack fruit from their seeds found in the fruits as they are a plenty . The root coming out from the kidney bean shaped seed can be grown in containers and then transplanted in soil.
Usually we buy ready cut fruits but in case you have a tree or buy the whole jack fruit per weight  it is important you know the technique to cut the fruit. How to cut jack fruit- very important part is how to cut this large jack fruit and it really need some care and skill. The inside part has a glue like resin that sticks to hands , fingers and even mouth when you eat the fruit and this needs to be carefully skillfully cut.
Before beginning to cut jack fruit prepare with large sheets of paper, bag to collect seeds and large plate or container to keep the fruit. A very sharp knife as the fruit skin is very thick and tough. You will need groundnut oil or any oil, preferable edible oil, as you will be eating the  fruits. Apply oil generously to the knife and hands, fingers, every place which may come in contact with the fruit while cutting.
Collect the fruit in a vessel or container and wash the fruits well before eating. They can be stored in plastic bags in refrigerator for a few days, provided you can tolerate the smell in all foods stored in fridge, but if packed well in two three bags of  plastic well covered the fruits may emit less smell.
A  jack fruit at home spreads it smell far away and to the whole space where it is stored and even though many don't love the smell some gorge and relish the sweet  nutritious healthy fruit .  
Cut the fruit horizontally or vertically in half section and keep the two sides open.  Now begin with one side and start removing fruits from the binding fleshy linings from the fruit and remove each pod  carefully not damaging the fruit,  and store in  container. You can remove seeds from fleshy pulp and boil them or roast them and if you wish to grow a jack fruit tree keep the jack fruit  seeds in some water and as they begin to sprout plant them , grow them once and reap benefits for years and years and generations.  A single fruit bearing jackfruit tree can give  large number of fruits and more than one tree you get truck full of fruits!
maybe will try out some day growing jack fruit  in container, as far as the alphonso mango tree is growing fast as also planted water melons and musk melon creepers growing like wild and the seeds of litchi that have still not sprouted, hoping to see some new greens soon. 
All the Best enjoy the fruit!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wonder Herb Basil Beauty uses Quit Smoking Naturally with Tulsi Leaves Get Instant Glowing Skin Naturally

Tulsi Holy Basil plant is considered very auspicious especially for Hindus but universally loved by everyone for their healing medicinal properties. It is a plant found in every home because of its symbolic value and medicinal properties of healing.
Dried seeds on Tulsi plant

Purple green seeds fresh Tulsi 

Holy Basil Tulsi plant with seeds

Holy Basil Tulsi plant flowers

Tulsi Plant Holy Basil
caught a glimpse of this beautiful exotic red bird, so tiny yet beautiful, so close to us!
Red Exotic Bird sucking nectar from Canna flower
Scientific name of the sacred Tulsi plant is Ocimum Tenuiflorum and Basil is its English name.
Tulsi the wife of Vishnu, is most respected and loved and having this plant in home is considered auspicious and lots of care is taken to keep the plant healthy. There is a belief that the plant shrivels with negative energy or if the home or owner is going to. Some people plant it outside their home whereas some swear never to place it outside.   
Tulsi plant does not like direct sunlight and grows best in indirect sunlight. We have lost many tulsi plants, i really don't know why she does not love me! the best part of growing tulsi plant at home in container is that the fallen seeds begin to sprout on their own and produce lovely baby Tulsi plants.

Tulsi plant leaves, seeds and dried roots are used for medicinal purposes. Right from common cold, malaria to heart diseases it has been used since ages for health benefits and its strong fragrance relaxes and soothes nerves and relaxes senses. No wonder it is worshiped as a Goddess in India.
A concoction of tulsi plant leaves boiled with sugar in milk is a great respite from sun strokes , heat strokes, and common fever and colds.
The wonder Holy basil plant when ground to paste and applied to the forehead is believed to relieve headaches.
It also helps in digestion and stomach aches and ailments.
Antibacterial properties in the plant has been proved scientifically and hence this forms a base for many herbal skin and hair care products. Tulsi reduces acne and scars on skin and also helps in hair fall and drinking juice of the leaves helps many skin problems.
Another great benefit of tulsi plant is when the leaves are chewed from time to time it reduces the pangs of smoking. This helps people who are planning to quit smoking but finding it difficult, Tulsi comes to your rescue , naturally quit smoking, at least you can reduce the number of smokes.
The wonderful herb does not stop here, basil leaves can be used to get healthy glowing skin. You can get an instant glowing skin with tulsi leaves, it not only reduces scars but also gives an instant glow to your skin. 1) Dry powder can be rubbed on skin for glow 2) boil leave sin water and apply to skin 3) use in face mask along with besan.
For your hair, use the boiled water with leaves a a glowing after bath rinse to get healthy hair. This also heals the scalp of dandruff and itching.
For bites, scratches and insect mosquito bites applying paste of tulsi leave sis very soothing and beneficial in healing due to its anti bacterial, anti septic properties.
Tulsi palnt care growing tips-
Yes this is one plant that does not grow in every place. Wondering about its symbolic meanings  as people say tulsi does not stay in every place. That is the plant does not flourish in every home even after planting many times, and people just let go of trying. 
1) tulsi plant requires blackish clay soil. It requires to retain soem water other wise the leaves droop and the plant dies.
2) Trimming is very tricky, as some swear to take permission from the plant and only then trim.Here the trick is to allow the flowers, seeds to dry and then only snip off tiny top parts to help the plant to grow as bush. Cutting large parts damages the plant. And never do it in afternoons , by evening the sensitive plant will look sick!
3) Watering carefully. It requires great care , never skip watering till its roots are established. It does not have the capacity to grow without water hence people keep the plant with some one when they are out for a vacation, other wise the plant dies off.
4) Tulsi plant grows from its own seeds dropping in the soil and planting them with hand has not given me much great results in new plants.
5) The touchy Tulsi plant loves care, sometimes neglect! Indirect sunshine, especially morning one is good. Sometimes changing places helps to bring a growth spurt.
6) It loves soil and ground and will also grow large.
7) People ritualistically pour water gradually in mornings, burn incense,  as I have seen, maybe the plant loves the pampering! here the tulsi plant is watered gradually and not in large amounts of water , just to see that the roots are wet, this the plant loves.
8) Why the tulsi plant dies with some ones touch? maybe the plant is sensitive to some energy vibrations. But it is sensitive and have seen many people mention about this. One of the reasons I have observed is that the planters do not take precautions with the sunlight and just bring costly containers and plant it outside in full sun, and also water when they come from office in early evening after the plant is hot from the day sun. So any amount of rituals will not save the plant!
Do share your experiences about your Tulsi plant,  and how you pamper it!
All the Best from Rizwana!

All the Best from Rizwana! 
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