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Monday, June 16, 2014

How to take care of garden lawn during monsoons Very Important Lawn Care Tips During Monsoons

How to take care of garden lawn during monsoons, as the rains have come as a welcome respite from the scorching heat and sweat another task at hand is how to take care of garden plants and especially open grass lawns.  From soil over flowing and making the pathway muddy to insects and tiny creatures making space within the grass puddles there is some care required for open lawns during rainy season , monsoons.
Beautiful moment captured, the first rain 2014
Yet as we toil hard to grow the greens , monsoons are the best time to enjoy your garden and open space under the sky, feels like heaven!
Very Important Lawn Care Tips During Monsoons-
Maintenance of Green Lawns During Monsoon
1) It is advisable to prepare before hand and many people get shades installed for garden to protect plants and lawn from heavy down pour. We also have the swing with shade that gives protection from rain and allows us to enjoy the greens during monsoons.
2) Temporary plastic covers can also be added as the one sin cricket or soccer fields.
3) If you wish to keep the lawns open for the greens take extra precautions before onset of monsoon to apply stones, rocks, side ways to stop the mud and soil from over flowing to the pathway. For this you need not spend a lot, rocks used or construction purposes also can be kept as lining the side way of the lawn except that be careful while using the lawn and if you have small children and pets around, take extra care to prevent accidental trips.
4) Before beginning of monsoon trim the lawn so that it does not grow like wild immediately with the first showers.
5) The most important geeky one, small puddles of water can form with heavy rains and which gives home to many slimy, tiny, creatures and frogs, fishes and what not. Even snakes start to come during monsoons so keep the lawn neat and trimmed down.
Rocks and Pebbles for Garden

Trim Grass before monsoons

Protect water feature sand water plants from direct down pour

Before monsoon fill all small holes, depressions in soil and any empty spaces that can be home to puddles of water.
6) Avoid any accumulation of water in your lawn during monsoon as this start breeding of mosquitoes, flies and many insects that spread diseases.
7) If you have a water feature in the centre of the lawn ,remember it is bound to over flow during heavy down pour. So take the extra precautions to keep it clean and healthy. Here you can also add up few rocks by lining the surrounding surface of the water well, feature  to allow water to go deeper inside the soil instead of spreading to the whole lawn. Or give it a pathway to go to the side of the lawn into the drains.
Take care of your green lawns during monsoons and prevent soil from flowing away. Also you can add rocky soil before monsoon so that it will allow water to seep in rather than let it flow away side ways.
All the Best from Rizwana, enjoy the down pour!


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  2. Thank you Landscaping 45 , welcome to Garden Care Simplified.
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