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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wonder Herb Basil Beauty uses Quit Smoking Naturally with Tulsi Leaves Get Instant Glowing Skin Naturally

Tulsi Holy Basil plant is considered very auspicious especially for Hindus but universally loved by everyone for their healing medicinal properties. It is a plant found in every home because of its symbolic value and medicinal properties of healing.
Dried seeds on Tulsi plant

Purple green seeds fresh Tulsi 

Holy Basil Tulsi plant with seeds

Holy Basil Tulsi plant flowers

Tulsi Plant Holy Basil
caught a glimpse of this beautiful exotic red bird, so tiny yet beautiful, so close to us!
Red Exotic Bird sucking nectar from Canna flower
Scientific name of the sacred Tulsi plant is Ocimum Tenuiflorum and Basil is its English name.
Tulsi the wife of Vishnu, is most respected and loved and having this plant in home is considered auspicious and lots of care is taken to keep the plant healthy. There is a belief that the plant shrivels with negative energy or if the home or owner is going to. Some people plant it outside their home whereas some swear never to place it outside.   
Tulsi plant does not like direct sunlight and grows best in indirect sunlight. We have lost many tulsi plants, i really don't know why she does not love me! the best part of growing tulsi plant at home in container is that the fallen seeds begin to sprout on their own and produce lovely baby Tulsi plants.

Tulsi plant leaves, seeds and dried roots are used for medicinal purposes. Right from common cold, malaria to heart diseases it has been used since ages for health benefits and its strong fragrance relaxes and soothes nerves and relaxes senses. No wonder it is worshiped as a Goddess in India.
A concoction of tulsi plant leaves boiled with sugar in milk is a great respite from sun strokes , heat strokes, and common fever and colds.
The wonder Holy basil plant when ground to paste and applied to the forehead is believed to relieve headaches.
It also helps in digestion and stomach aches and ailments.
Antibacterial properties in the plant has been proved scientifically and hence this forms a base for many herbal skin and hair care products. Tulsi reduces acne and scars on skin and also helps in hair fall and drinking juice of the leaves helps many skin problems.
Another great benefit of tulsi plant is when the leaves are chewed from time to time it reduces the pangs of smoking. This helps people who are planning to quit smoking but finding it difficult, Tulsi comes to your rescue , naturally quit smoking, at least you can reduce the number of smokes.
The wonderful herb does not stop here, basil leaves can be used to get healthy glowing skin. You can get an instant glowing skin with tulsi leaves, it not only reduces scars but also gives an instant glow to your skin. 1) Dry powder can be rubbed on skin for glow 2) boil leave sin water and apply to skin 3) use in face mask along with besan.
For your hair, use the boiled water with leaves a a glowing after bath rinse to get healthy hair. This also heals the scalp of dandruff and itching.
For bites, scratches and insect mosquito bites applying paste of tulsi leave sis very soothing and beneficial in healing due to its anti bacterial, anti septic properties.
Tulsi palnt care growing tips-
Yes this is one plant that does not grow in every place. Wondering about its symbolic meanings  as people say tulsi does not stay in every place. That is the plant does not flourish in every home even after planting many times, and people just let go of trying. 
1) tulsi plant requires blackish clay soil. It requires to retain soem water other wise the leaves droop and the plant dies.
2) Trimming is very tricky, as some swear to take permission from the plant and only then trim.Here the trick is to allow the flowers, seeds to dry and then only snip off tiny top parts to help the plant to grow as bush. Cutting large parts damages the plant. And never do it in afternoons , by evening the sensitive plant will look sick!
3) Watering carefully. It requires great care , never skip watering till its roots are established. It does not have the capacity to grow without water hence people keep the plant with some one when they are out for a vacation, other wise the plant dies off.
4) Tulsi plant grows from its own seeds dropping in the soil and planting them with hand has not given me much great results in new plants.
5) The touchy Tulsi plant loves care, sometimes neglect! Indirect sunshine, especially morning one is good. Sometimes changing places helps to bring a growth spurt.
6) It loves soil and ground and will also grow large.
7) People ritualistically pour water gradually in mornings, burn incense,  as I have seen, maybe the plant loves the pampering! here the tulsi plant is watered gradually and not in large amounts of water , just to see that the roots are wet, this the plant loves.
8) Why the tulsi plant dies with some ones touch? maybe the plant is sensitive to some energy vibrations. But it is sensitive and have seen many people mention about this. One of the reasons I have observed is that the planters do not take precautions with the sunlight and just bring costly containers and plant it outside in full sun, and also water when they come from office in early evening after the plant is hot from the day sun. So any amount of rituals will not save the plant!
Do share your experiences about your Tulsi plant,  and how you pamper it!
All the Best from Rizwana!

All the Best from Rizwana! 
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  1. my tulsi plant leaves are gone all dry and i see some white spots on the stem ( like fungus) . what do i do? any suggestions?

  2. Hello Ashlesha, welcome to garden Care Simplified. So sorry to hear your plant is attacked by white fungus. This may be a spider web like fungus,sticky. You will need to give the plant thorough bath and remove the fungus as much as possible, try to give the plant some sunshine, change place of the plant.
    This has worked for me, maybe it will for your plant, Hoping for the Best Take Care from Rizwana!

  3. thanks Rizwana. done as per your suggestion. let's see :-) hope it gets alright !

  4. you are welcome Ashlesha, All the Best from Rizwana!


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