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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Throw Away Cut garden flowers and Leaves Arrangements Beauty out of waste Recycle cut flowers for decorating home

Every time you cut off or trim plants and flower stems they need not go waste but can be used creatively to make eye popping beautiful fragrant flower arrangements.
Colorful Bright Flower Arrangements
Over the years it was such a sad feeling to throw away the cut leaves and flowers and that too when each piece can spring up into a new life. 
Give them an increased life by using the cut flowers for decorating your home and office. Your cut flowers will also help to beautify your living space and add more value to your home energy.
While trimming plants cut a longer stem so that it can be used in your vases. Flowers also can be cut with a piece of three to four inch stem. Trim leaves from the flower stem for using in floral arrangement as leaves rot faster.  For keeping the floral arrangement fresh for longer time keep the trimmed stems and flowers in water container so that they soak up enough water to remain fresh for longer.

Important tip to keep your cut flowers fresh for longer time, keep changing the water everyday and add fresh water to keep the bouquet fresh for longer. Keep spraying water with sprinkler on tips of petals and leaves , they will remain fresh longer and look healthy.
Every time you plan to trim plants do not throw them in waste, put them in water and decorate your home space with fresh energy and great feng shui. Never keep rotten flowers or dried flowers at home and always throw them when the arrangement droops, this also works as fertilizer and making humus for your garden plants.

Eye popping flower arrangements can do wonders to dark gloomy corners of your room and bring a shot of color and energy. The same flowers and leaves can be used creatively to make fresh flower arrangement for your home or office.
Exotic Flowers Arrangement

Bunches of Happiness Cut Flowers in vase

Shevanthi flowers

Out of waste you can use every thing from your garden and use it to beautify your home. Recycle the plants that are trimmed and cut and instead of throwing them use them to beautify your space. What more event he dead rotten plants from your vases can go as humus for the growing plants and help as nutrition!
Using fragrant flowers will add a freshness to the home space and also bring an inviting positive Feng Shui energy of prosperity and good luck( never keep dead leaves flowers in vases, remove them immediately).
All the Best , Happy Gardening from Rizwana!


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