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Monday, May 5, 2014

What a Mango Tree in your garden can do for you Why to plant mango trees in garden 10 Fresh mango simple uses recipes

Very Low Hanging green Mangoes on tree
 Except from Amitabh Bachchan dropping in your house and hitting the green mangoes with a stone, (the advertisement was off the screen due to the smooching sound and actions added to the ad of kachha aam), a mango tree in your garden can do great wonders to you and your life.And yes I tried the small sweet in the advertisement kacha aam is great taste just like eating a raw mango with spices added.
The fascination with raw mangoes dates back to childhood, the kacha kairi cut into small pieces and chillie and turmeric along with salt just made a special dish out of this world!
mango fruits on tree
Two small puppies sleeping 
Its a Dog's life when you are enjoying, sounds quite true with these little fellows sleeping cosily just like in their mothers womb. We have 18 strays dogs in our society apart from the pets that people have , its sometimes a war of calls as to all decide to enjoy their vocal chords at a time. Strays have been multiplying with no signs of any family planning!on emotional connections when people start feeding the cute pups who grow huge within next six months. Another mommy is about to deliver...

Majestic favorite fruit mango on tree
We had grown a mango tree which had started giving fruits after five years and still does. there is a belief that mango trees do not give fruit every year and do take a rest of few years after again fruiting.  The beginning wait is just too much, five years just like many other fruit plants.The photographs are from a private garden , too tempting, the low hanging fruits of green mangoes. .  Our mango tree, have grown the Alphonso mango tree from seed,  has just begun to sprout after a year with a reddish coppery colored leaf as it is in a container, will transplant this into a large one , hope we get to see fruits as this is the happiest moment on any Gardener's life, to see the fruits of effort.
A tree of mango fruit is very auspicious and lucky because of the value of fruits. All fruit trees in feng shui are considered to be great enhancers of prosperity and good luck.
The fruit contains a great amount of Vitamin C and also the best taste, no wonder it is called the King of Fruits.
Kacha aam green mango on tree
Mango trees welcome birds, beautiful birds energy to your garden.  Fruits are loved by parrots, parakeets, especially and they would love to visit your garden. Squirrels and bats and many birds and also neighboring kids, all love mango fruits.  Having your own trees of different varieties of mangoes will give an unlimited supply of fruits as compared to buying the costly treats in dozens.
Growing Mango Trees Tips and Care-
1) Mango trees are really very easy to grow and sprout very well from the seeds got inside the fruits. Want the plant to start soon allow the seed to dry well under direct sun and then plant. Some people also cut off a little of the hard shell to make the seeds visible but even direct planting mangoes grow very well.
2) Strong full sunlight, it is veyr importa.
3) regular watering in the beginning though fertilizers are not required much as these plants loev to grow happily on their own.
4) Trimming mango trees grown in containers is a must to keep the tree in shape and size,and they do give fruits, the low hanging fruits.
5) Always select the right type of seed, better to grow from seed that you have tasted as mangoes are available in lots of different varieties and not all are loved like the King Alphonso, go ahead this season and keep one aside have your own mango tree in a container.
Fresh Mango uses in recipes, noting just a few-
1) Panha, the cool mango drink , refreshing and great to beat the summer heat. Boil green kachcha mangoes, add sugar or jaggery syrup strain carefully avoiding any pulp or keep some if you love, and store this drink. Add cold water in one third proportion whenever required to prepare a fresh nutritious summer drink.
2) Jams and Marmalades, boil the fruits and add sugar concentrate the mixture till thick consistency.
3) mango pickle, select hard raw mangoes and cut to pieces, add ready pickle masala or go to grandmothers formula and after oil added, store in some sunlight covered with soft cloth over the mouth of container.
4) Grate the fruits and add some salt and seasonings and have this as accompaniment with food as salads.
5) Who can argue the taste of kairi in bhel, add small pieces of raw mangoes in bhel.
6) Add for taste in cooking dals and curries. Try a piece of raw mango in fish curry for taste.
7) Some people even eat the dried seeds powdered or boiled.
8) Gudamba is a traditional Indian dish that many make and store for the whole year. Grated raw mangoes cooked with jaggery or sugar and boiled till the whole pulp becomes thick and all water is evaporated. Add some dry spices for taste like dalchini and clove.
9) Eat it in form of great mango milk shake, milk added to the fruit pulp is loved by people of all ages and always a great health drink. Indulge in some fresh cream added it tastes great!
10) The Mango lassi, very tasty and refreshing, add the mango pulp to curds and sweeten.
All the Best, enjoy Mangoes, (except if you are  on weight loss programme, the high calories by fruit juices, are proved to increase weight!)
Thank You! Have a Great Mango Season!

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