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Monday, April 21, 2014

Red Color Leaves Agave Plants Fruits and Care While Growing Agave Plants

Agave in red colored leaves

fruits on agave plant
Agave variety maybe the plant with beautiful colored red elongated leaves  Agave Striata Gualdalcazar / Agave Striata Rubra am not aware of the plant name, is a beautiful plant grown in dry  rocky soil requiring less watering and full sunlight. The fruits or flowers look like pineapple fruits, except in beautiful reddish peach color.There are so many different types of agave planst with beautiful greenish grey colored elongated leaves. This one looks great even without flowers or frutis as the leaves are a beautiful reddish coppery green colored.
The thorny leaves grow well under full sunlight and act as great focal points in any landscape garden design. This plant picture is captured in a private landscaped garden. Wowed with the beautiful colored leaves and fruits!
Meanwhile our garden is happy with blast of color with full sunlight. With another few stems coming up of the large sized Amaryllis flowers, bestest investment ever, buy one bulb and within few years  make fifty!
Red Amaryllis about to  Bloom

Pink Anthurium flower

Vermillon red hibiscus flower

Colorful red pink white roses flowers on plant

One Happy Moment Captured Love Birds
Three Tier Love Bird Cage
Our budgies are also having a great time in their large cage with three layers, there are two separate nesting boxes for the two ladies, though we have removed them lest they become weak due to continuous laying of eggs( and of course the mood swings and tempers flaring!) , they always enjoy the top most one the colorful beaded swings, love birds need space to do wings flapping and birds when kept as pets need to be let some time out of the cage, feels great to see them flying in their home!
Agave plants need to be grown with care since they have pointed sharp thorny leaves. From the beauty of the unique flowers and fruits agaves are grown in rocky soils and also in corners where there is less traffic of people going near them.
Small children and pets must be protected from such thorny plants. And while growing agave plants in containers always grown them in corners which are away from your body and eyes.
Agave plants flower after a few years five or more and grow with the natural process of leaves drying from outer side and emerging new ones from centre. the growth pattern is in circular type from centre.
The care begins while buying a new plant as the leaves are sharp and pointed and you need to take care. As we get small plants today in tiny three inch containers which we can transplant in larger ones this is the best way , at home try to grow agaves in small containers as they have a tendency to grow quite huge when given soil land. 
Pots of agave plants must be kept in corners which do not touch the body as the scratches are very painful and in case you get scratched immediately wash with mild soap and apply antiseptic cream.
In feng shui thorny and spiky plants are not allowed as they emit negative energy in form of pointed arrows. The fear coming in the body of the viewer is the source of negative energy.
While trimming or cleaning the agave plant containers also care has to be taken and there are chances of accidental brushing with the thorny elongated leaves. The trimmed plant leaves also have to be disposed off with care, wrap in newspaper and then pack in strong bags while throwing them so that no one gets hurt.

The best gift is when agaves flower after many years, they each have unique colored flowers and fruits. The obsessive artist has finally gone ahead and painted the most desirable unique flower, I have not seen this bloom so the image is a fantasy one, the Brahma Kamal flower, view the painting on my website.
Thank You!

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