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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Balsam Plant flowering Tips and Care How to grow Healthy Balsam Plants

Balsam plants the lovely colorful vibrant flowers seen usually on hilly regions and mountainous regions are the ones I found difficult to grow, maybe because they needed the right type of soil and watering. Growing the lovely colored flowering balsam plants for some is the easiest when the right mixture is used for growing.
Red Amaryllis Flower
A very good morning! the red amaryllis is in full majestic elegance as the huge red flowers dominate the garden. The flowers come in about a few years and are something to really worth watch for.
Close up of Red Amaryllis flower
Balsam is a plant grown in hilly regions especially seen in Himalayas. The plant with its unique shaped leaves grown in a bush shape form and grows well as borders and also in containers.
Red flowering balsam plant

Balsam plant flowering tips

Close up of Balsam flower
A beautiful flowering plant Balsam has been grown for  its medicinal uses and well as symbolic purposes. There are lovely flowers in red, pink, white and shaded variety which look like tiny roses.  The Balsam plant needs full sunlight and also regular feedings when grown in containers.
Tips for growing and flowering in Balsam -
1) soil mixture is very important. Many Balsam plants die off due to improper fertilization and soil. If the soil is not well draining and too mushy the soft delicate roots of balsam die off.
2) watering with care, never skip watering during flowering times. Over watering is harmful as the roots leave the soil and the plant topples out of the container. It is important to remember that these plants grow in hilly regions where the water drains off on the hilly slopes.
3) the plant when full of blooms becomes heavy and needs to be tied for support when grown in small containers. It is better to keep it trimmed and in shape to give healthy blooms.
4) Adding regular fertilizer available in nurseries is required just before summers to see great blooms.  You may also add a few used tea leaves for better flowering.
Leaves of Balsam plant
5) The plant Balsam has a unique way of spreading its seeds. the pod burst is the most beautiful thing that you can experience, the splatter of seeds naturally which allows the seeds to disperse in the surroundings and take root. Recently the Adenium seed pod burst in front of me with the ten oclock sun,
Adenium good luck plant seed pod burst
6) In case you collect the balsam plant seeds to grow separately give them some sunshine to dry them well and then sow them for fast sprouting .
The Balsam plants when grown in healthy soil may give blooms within few months.
Pigeons taking a dip and drink

With the hot summers please put some water , even a small container in your window sill may be a great respite from the scorching heat for our heavenly friends. And what more,  you can invite heaven luck into your home!
All the Best!
Take Care and God Bless!


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  2. Thank you very much Joe Biden, for the lovely comment, All the Best from Garden Care Simplified!


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