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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bright Yellow Day Lilly Flowers Care and Planting Tips How to Grow Beautiful yellow Baskets of Happiness Day Lillies

Cheery yellow Day Lilly Flower
Bright cheery golden yellow flowers welcoming in this gloomy rainy weather, is a wonderful sight in our terrace garden.  Not only do they act as a wonderful color contrast among the fresh green leaves to the sky of dark grey but also shine in almost heavenly glow of golden yellow against the sky.
Not only this yellow but another one also seems enjoying the rains and growing wildly fast, the water melon creeper is throwing tendrils from every where and clinging to almost any plant to grow higher.
Water melon creeper with yellow flowers
Opening of Day Lilly Flower Bud

Pink small flowers
 The day lilly flowers are very easy to grow and spread like wild. In borders, in baskets and hanging pots they beautify the space and act as energizers with their golden yellow color. Day lillies are also available in many colors, white, pink, light purple and orangy yellow.
Yellow Day Lilly Bud
Yellow day lillies on Himalayas Mountains

Cheerful yellow flowers on Mountains

The day lilly plants grow very fast because the seed pods have plenty of seeds that easily spread with the wind every where.  No wonder we see whole mountains covered with cheery golden yellow flowers.
The best view we get is after sun rise as the water starts trickling from the snow clad mountainous region and with the direct sunlight the flowers bloom like a blanket of gold.
It is a beautiful delight to see the golden yellow covered mountains that are snow clad as an icing on top.
Golden Yellow Majestic day Lilly
 Day lillies require well draining soil and full sunlight. Pebbles rocky soil is great and they die off when over watered.
Beautiful yellow Flower Day Lilly

Seed Pod of yellow day lilly flower
 Each flower when dries off develops a seed pod that is triangular three pods. The pod needs to be dried in full sunlight on the plant itself to develop seeds. Seeds are black bean shaped flat seeds that are in plenty. If not collected they spread but the pod bursting and begin as new plants everywhere. The Day lilly plant grows like tall fresh green colored grass, elongated thin leaves. The plant grows from bulbs and when the seed grows in a bulb one can see how the tiny bulb of wonder can give out so many beautiful golden blooms.
Happy Golden Yellow  Day Lilly Flowers with Boston fern
Care for your day lilly plants- They grow very fast and spread in every pot so you can grow them as colorful borders or in hanging baskets that look beautiful with hanging yellow flowers among the fresh green long leaves. Our plants are in just about every container so I have to be careful to collect the seeds as they dry off in the pod for later use.
The plants need proper soil as they are bulb plants and also require less watering.
We have till date not seen any pest attacks or special care for these lovely plants, and they grow happily without much care.
The plants give out blooms once a year and then every six months or so depending upon the age of the  bulb and available sunlight.
I have seen these tiny bulbs in small sizes 1 centimeter or little more, maybe when these grow large they would give out larger sized blooms.These bulbs are very good for people who do not have much time for gardening as these flowers grow and spread fast on their own with little care, they can cover many spaces soon with bright cheerful yellow, pink, white, lilac, colored flowers. 
Thank you, enjoy the rains!
Take Care and Have a Great Cheerful Day from Rizwana!

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