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Friday, July 4, 2014

Importance of Disposable gloves 8 reasons to use Garden Gloves Blue Roses and Care while planting for skin allergies

 With the onset of rains the garden is at its best! the lovely blue bells climber is going wild with lots of lovely vibrant ultramarine blue flowers that look almost like rose flowers,except they are a beautiful blue.
Even the red hibiscus has given out large sized blooms that glow bright vermillon red as against the grey sky backdrop,and the red crimson lake colored canna blooms, with the bougainvilleas and the adenium all in their glory with the cool temperatures and the water coming form heaven.  making the whole garden look like a painted canvas of colors!
Red Canna buds about to bloom

 Just the right time for repotting any plants that have outgrown or are sick, not showing any progress. The son champa plant has been with us since past six years or more and never given out any blooms, even after trimming many times.  Tried this year to replant it and check out the roots, and it had a vast root system that had over taken the whole large container and the base was not receiving water, think here was the problem for stunted growth. . No doubt the plant was growing out tiny leaves and no blooms.
Ixora plant with lovely groups of peach colored flowers

Re-potting the Son Champa Plant
 Usually I never used any gloves for gardening as I love the touch and feel of soil and mud, it gives immense happiness and earth energy. This time we were faced with another problem of red ants which were so persistent that they were not willing to leave.
The fragrant climber of Jasmine juhi has some tiny spikes or furs covering the bark surface , since past also i had these allergic reaction to some plants due to their surface having tiny thorns, spikes, hair ,  but this time it  needed medicines,  wash thoroughly with soap water and apply antiseptic. am now alert of skin allergies while handling soil , not every soil will hurt but this one had red ants!
I have already removed many plants like bougainvilleas ,we had a lot and now kept one in smaller container only , the thorns of bougainvilleas is the only one factor that makes it difficult to grow and trim regularly, other wise the plant is very forgiving and needs very little care and gives such lovely colorful blooms. Then the agaves are also not with us and the aloe vera has taken a space above the eye level.
Care while planting use gloves

Skin allergies from plants
Disposable gloves for gardening

Vibrant pink Bougainvilleas

Blue rose like flower

Blue bell climber at its best in rains
 The blue bells climber of morning glory flowers is at its best growing in many containers. The climber is happy to share space with any plant and grows climbing anywhere. Lovely vibrant blue roses!
Blue rose
 Garden Gloves and Disposable gloves are really very important part of gardening and now have become a routine while handling plants.
1) Many people do not like the touch of mud and soil as it seeps into nails and leaves stains on nails.It also may be a reason to spread disease and germs.
2) There may be insect larvae, ants, fertilizers, remains of cowdung that may react differently when they come in contact with direct skin. 
3) Handling some plants with thorns, spikes, furs and hairs gloves give extra protection to your hands from getting scratched, cut or abrased.
4) While trimming is an essential part of gardening they give extra support to hands while using garden scissors and cutters and also prevent fingers from getting hurt or scratched while trimming plants.
5) You save a lot of water. yes washing hands soiled in mud is one task that requires a lot of water, trust me , i know!
6) The earthworms and all slimy creatures in the garden do not come in direct contact with hands and the screams that come out, do come out but are reduced in volume with glove covered hands.
7) The containers and pots also have a layer of moss or fungus growth outside  which may sometimes cause an allergic reaction and gloves help to protect our hand from these while handling garden pots.
8) When plants attacked by fungus, mold, white ants, aphids, it really would be difficult to clean them by hand as many times this needs bathing the plant and physically removing these pests , other wise the plant dies off.  Here the garden gloves have been of great help as I ca easily wash the plants with shower and clean them with glove covered hands.
Every gardener some time or other faces skin allergies due to soil, some plants, thorns, or the liquid oozing out after trimming plants, and gloves are an essential part for every gardener.
. Also some people have sensitive skin and are prone to insect bite allergies and for this one reason do not grow plants.
Buy good quality gloves as the thick material helps protect hand from rough surfaces and garden accidental scratches.
If you want you can also buy disposable gloves that are easy to sue and come in compact packing's and are disposable, so you do away with the hassle of washing. drying and storing!
Hibiscus Red Layered Bushy Flower
Rains always bring out the best in me and my garden, and the red majestic blooms of hibiscus are glowing against the sky, hope we get good rains, and also there is so much anticipation and hope that new plants come up unexpectedly every season, some I had planted , some seeds or some that have come magically along with other plants!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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