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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Barbie Gardening Games for Girls online Encourage Gardening for Little kids

Gardening gone virtual little girls and kids are so much engrossed in playing online games and with the obsession of Barbie the games are just rocking. If you have a garden and are in with soil and plants your little ones favour the much loved Barbie garden games online. What more they need not even soil their hands and enjoy gardening games a lot.
Little girls are more and more choosing garden games and farm games as they get to do every action instantly and also get to grow plants in a jiffy, whereas the real gardening involves hard tasks and the long wait for flowering and fruits.
Large Sized Blooms of Red Hibiscus
With online gardening games girls enjoy fruits, Flowers’s, can attack the bees and prevent pest attacks, all in a few clicks!  From games like Barbie garden, backyard garden, to angel garden and Dora’s magical garden girls just love to play garden games. Farm games and bird games.
Flower show

Flower Show Thane 

At a Flower exhibition

Hanging Exotic Orchids Garden 

Then there are some online garden games related to gardening as to dress up the garden girl so here your little ones go on a fashion sprees and dress up with garden dresses and outfits. Online games have opened such vast options in gaming that the real gardening tips can easily be taught with the help of games.
All you girls,buck up and Grow some real plants! Develop interest in your little girls to grow small plants, begin with easy growing plants that require little care and watering and see how happy your little angels are to see a fresh leaf, a new bud and a beautiful flower on their plant!
More and more children going online and playing games has led them to become introverted and less social and gardening is the best way to connect with mother earth energy and grounding energy.
There is no need to have large space or many plants. Give them small pots, easy plants, and this will help them to take responsibility and also give them a sense of achievement. Confidence, focus and goal setting , and many more lessons can be learned by gardening in little children. Don't forget to put their name, little children love this!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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