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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Is My Mogra Plant Dead? Playing the Dead Game! Check 5 the Final fear factor!

Is my Mogra plant dead? Hm,  that was what  I worried every year after winter, before spring. So while now I am used to this playing dead game of my mogra plant, we are on comfortable trust level. Earlier with my obsessions I have transplanted the poor mogra plant so many times to save it! Finally it rests in a large container which I can no longer physically move,LOL, so it is grounded!well rooted! 

Dried Mogra  Plant

New shoots and leaves sprouting
While we love Mogra plants,  I never knew it was so easy to grow mogra plants. They need direct sunlight for at least few hours of day to give you healthy flowers. Mogra Jasmine are large sized flowers and there are many varieties of mogra plants. Choose the ones that grow in large bunches. You can also take cuttings from healthy mogra plants from anywhere, friends , neighbors, and grow your own mogra plant.
Fresh Mogra Flowers on Plant
This year also the mogra plant had gone barren with all leaves dropped , first they curl and then they dry and drop in winters. All leaves drop off...I stare at it whether it is alive or not?
but year after year the beautiful  sick mogra(yep, it has a long story of ten years with us) gives out amazingly huge fragrant blooms , all of summer bringing beauty and happiness in our life!
How  will you know whether your mogra plant is alive or dead? 1) look at the stems, are they falling one by one dried, or they are firm in the soil. 2) break a stem and see, if it is hollow and dried then the plant has left you. It also happens that small stems dry off and fall and the main thick stem with its roots below is alive and will sprout with time. 3) trim them and see if they show any growth. The  plant that is alive will immediately within few days give out new stems with fresh tiny green leaves. 4) Observe the soil, a plant that is alive drinks well. if the water you add is absorbed and well drained then it is alive.Dead plant does not drink water and will go mushy with soil clogging and you will notice the stems rotting and turning blackish. 5) Final fear factor!That is funny and very sad, but, fear factor works! I try to pull the plant lightly, if dead it comes out and I see the rots have already rotted and if the plant is alive the roots are strong, you cannot however much you try pull them out of the container!
Healthy Growing Mogra Plant
Do not disturb the root system and give your mogra plant some months, one or 2  months after winter and it will come back. 
Fragrant jasmine Mogra flowers
I seriously am amazed at the love of this  one, I do not add any feeding to this large mogra jasmine plant , it just loves me so much! Yes, I never skip watering my mogra!
Big Mogra Flowers Bunches
tiny buds of joy, mogra flower new buds

first buds with summers 

Healthy large leaves of Mogra plant

Fresh shoots of mogra

That is quite a size! Mogra flower

That is quite a large size for mogra flowers, and the fragrances are out of this world! 
Garden Care Simplified

 How is your mogra plant doing? What are your experiences with mogra? do share! and of course I would be happy to guide you with my practical experience and workable tips over the years from my little space under the sun!
Happy Gardening from Rizwana!
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