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Thursday, April 26, 2018

10 must have plants in your garden for Wealth success growth prosperity 5 Red 5 Purple Flowering Plants

absolutely awe sum energy flowers , two best feng shuii colours, must have plants in your garden. Wealth, success, growth and prosperity, two feng shuii energy colours red and purple, add these plants to your garden!
Check these out! RED flower plants!
1) Red Climber How to collect seeeds of Cardinal
2) Vermillon Red Jade flowers 
3) Big Amaryllis Lily Red Flower Tips Exotic Hippeastrum Amaryllis
4) Canna Big Red  Flowering Tips
5) Carribean Copper Gold Coins Plant
Check these out! PURPLE flower plants!
Purple   Petunias

Purple hearts

Baby soft pink small flowers

Purple star cluster

Purple stripes
1) Purple Coloured leaves Tradescantia Fluminenses/Purple Heart
2) Purple Metallic leaves plant good feng shuii luck for career
3)Little purple flowers space cover
4)2 easy growing Purple Lilac flowering plants
5)Bring instant colour to your garden! The Purple Petunias
Garden Care Simplified
Well, the most beautiful childhood fantasy is to play with water and you get to do this with gardening! Have fun, love, and enjoy gardening, sharing growth and happiness!
All the Best from Rizwana , from my little space under the sun!

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