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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Save Rare plants going Extinct! Swap Free Plant Free Exchange! Please Don't ask for free shipping!

Swapping plants and sharing cuttings, one of the best ways to spread your happiness , joy and flowers , has been on since ancient times and  I have always seen this is the best way to gift also.
So many plants are not seen now, that which were so precious in my childhood. As times change profitable plants and showy plants that die soon are promoted by garden nursery business owners.Plants bought with so many flowers are also weak and die soon so that we have to replace them faster, that's one way how the gardening business is running today. Easy come, easy go! And I remember plants also flowered on their own, well, most of my plants do! The right combination of soil and sunlight,  watering care  is enough with some natural left over feeds. But commercial interest of people in business continue. Soil is gradually being replaced, OH for the smell of fresh red soil in the first rains...soil is gradually being replaced with alternatives. And many plants are nearly going them,swap, share cuttings..
Plant gifts are so cute and sweet and today we see tiny funky hand made pots and containers that look so pretty. Grow one of your plants, cutting and maybe some one about to flower, in the pots before any occasions and gift a special energy plant.
A small lily bulb with a bud , WWOWW Gift!
Here, on Garden Care Simplified, you are welcome to exchange plants, cuttings free, of course do get in touch for shipping costs with the person willing to share your favorite plant, cutting.
While exchanging swapping sharing your plants and cuttings-
1)Check the authenticity of the person willing to share plants known people are better, but in case of some rare plants , we need to buy them from International people too.
2) Shipping costs are needed to be paid by the receiver, even though people may share their plants for free. We cant expect the plant lover to share their exotic costly plant cuttings and also pay to send them to your doorstep!(happens with me all the time, I have many plants and they are free to share , I don't sell plants, this is my passion and love, but the shipping costs are much and I cannot , even though I want to send them to you for free.
3) Garden Care Simplified runs on my own efforts and I do not have any one write for my blog. each photograph and each post is my original. And each plant is bought by me from known and many remote plant nurseries from around hill stations in India. That would amount to quite a sum of K's!
 4) Take all the precautions you take with any money transfer online. Do not give personal(financial) information more than what is required for this plant share. So as take the cutting for free, its ok as long as you are not alone and security system is on. Better safe than sorry.
5) Being an emotional Gardener I am crazy and am also willing to pay large sums for exotic plants, but have realized, you need to be grounded. Don't just jump to the first offer and pay any amount for a rare plant on your wish list. wait and inquire, in budget range for the same plant. Surely you may find it online.
6) While giving your precious plant cuttings, do give instructions on how the plant lives with you. some habits, tantrums, feeding, sunlight requirements, and flowering times. This helps the receiver of plant/cutting to know how to take care of the baby, otherwise plants given away have risk of not surviving.
7) Share with love, and don't forget to talk to your plant before sharing, only then will it grow in another space!
Please do sharing swapping, and save many plants that will be soon extinct.
You can comment about what you are looking for and share this post to like minded gardeners and plant lovers who would be willing to share their plant cuttings.
Red and White Amaryllis Lily Bulbs 

The Huge Red Flowers
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
 Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You All the Best from my little space under the sun!
(Garden Care Simplified will not charge any commissions, acting only as a platform to meet garden and plant lovers)
Growing Anant Gardenia plant from cuttings
Exotic plants Seeds Bulbs 

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