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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Allamanda Blanchetti Mauve colored Bell trumpet shaped large sized flowering plant

Mauve magenta, Purple , maroon shaded colored beautiful bell shaped large sized flowers, Allamanda Blanchetti, lovely colorful flowering plant climber or shrub.
The newest addition to our family of terrace garden plants, what I loved was the huge sized blooms that are prominent on the green leaves of the plant. Small plants of star clusters in white, magenta and dark pink , raani color, also looked so attractive in the rains that the temptation was too strong to stop me from buying them as we have a large sized pink star cluster plant that is very happy with the garden sunlight and environment.
Not to mention the great fresh feeling with the rain drenched plants and the lovely blooms coming up with proud new stems, all greens and colors, the garden sure looks very inviting in the rains. In the corner hidden the exotic anthuriums also have given out pink and white blooms and also roses, as well as the day lillies and pink poppies are growing like wild!
The lanky stems of the Allamanda plant climber when trimmed can be grown in shape of a shrub and then the whole plant looks like a huge bouquet of bell shaped blooms. 

Allamanda Plant leaves close up
 Meanwhile with our lovely pet budgies we had an unexpected welcome guest from heaven, a small finch struggling in the society garden as brought by the security personnel in the evening of Saturday, the little baby , too scared, even wobbly and unable to stand , might have fallen from the nest or from some home bird cage, I really do not know, but the personnel were sure the baby would be best taken care of in our home and so we welcomed the small baby finch as part of the family of four pet budgie love birds.
white small baby finch bird
 With so much excitement the little one has a cute shrill voice and after a day he is sure enjoying the space with us.
Birdie enjoying the time out
He/she is at present in a smaller home(which is actually much larger for him/her body size)  and with the curious glances of boku(blue)  birdie (green) goldie(yellow) and angel(white) he is sure living like a VIP in the own green colored house. Soon will have to get a pair for his/her company., I do not like to see anyone alone, God has made everything in pairs.
New additions to the family

Star cluster plants in pink red white flowers

Pink exotic anthurium flowering plant

Red star cluster small flowers growing in bunches

Allamanda Mauve Pink colored bell shaped flower

Brahma Kamal dried leaf
Allamanda pink flower bud close up
Allamanda plants are usually seen in yellow blooms and this color was a sure eye catcher. The pink flowering one is Allamanda Blanchetti. The flowers are very attractive bell shaped and ours is shaded maroon pink, mauve  with a lovely glowing aura. The colors are one deciding factor for flowering plants and also the size of the  blooms that are very prominent and give the plant a majestic appeal.  
The stems emit a sticky rubbery liquid which can irritate the skin and also avoid contact with direct skin while trimming the stems after flowering is done with. The plant seems happy under the full sunlight and rich soil.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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