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Friday, August 1, 2014

Cantaloupe Musk Melon Plant Fruit Seeds Benefits The New Brahma Kamal Bud Photo Shared by Our Reader of Garden Care Simplified Deep Prakash

The New Brahma Kamal Plant Bud
All the Best from Rizwana, May You Be Blessed with Happiness and Good Luck Deep Prakash, thanks for sharing this happiness with me and my passionate readers of Garden Care Simplified, really feeling blessed!
Our Brahma Kamal Plants in heavy downpours
 They are just growing and growing, do not know when the finally give out some great news!
The Musk melon Creeper Yellow Flowers
 Meanwhile some new plant experiments, musk melon seeds that have sprouted into a beautifully creeper throwing off beautiful slender tendrils and lovely cheerful yellow Flowers. Soon after the flowers surprisingly tiny balls of fruits have come up. The many small ones have dropped and only few remain. As it is muck melon plant growers advised to keep the fruits to less numbers to have healthy growth and large sized fruits.
Musk melon creeper needs to spread on ground to avoid fruits dropping by their own weight and also needs to be protected from black spots and ants. The bugs do love to gorge on the leaves and make the creeper barren. I have never really grown or seen this plant and this is such a gift from nature that each fruit of musk melon has so many seeds,each one has potential to grow into a new plant!
Musk melon seeds are also very tasty treats after drying, and usually added to mukhwas after adding turmeric or salt.

Collecting Rain Water Pure Wealth from Heaven
 The rain so much fascinates me and brings out the artist in me, and this time the inspiration took me under the rainy downpours, have collected some rain water, as it is pure with total feng shui wealth energy, and symbolizes prosperity(for some feng shui wealth career luck paintings please visit my website . The process again was magical with metal container placed at centre of the terrace in garden, and as my garden heavenly friends were all excited to take a dip in the new shiny bird bath, then I played the role of watch woman to see no bird poop falls here!
Mushroom in container
Meanwhile a lot of different types of mushrooms have come up in many plant containers.  I don't know their names but really love the umbrella shaped ones.
So with the excitement also have planted some pomegranate seeds, lets see if they come up in the rains!as our Jamun  Tree is growing healthy in container.
Overflowing mushrooms in plant container
Pomegranate fruit
Musk Melon Fruit Bud on Creeper
What I loved since childhood, the seeds of musk melon when dried and shelled taste great, but today we are in such a fast paced life,we have totally forgotten the wonderful soothing actions of peeling each seed and relishing on the tasty treats in lazy afternoons!
 Seeds of musk melon are of great health benefits, wonderful source of fiber and protein. Scientifically proved they have the same nutrients and taste like soy milk, great source of calcium.  Loaded with vitamins and anti oxidants. And also beneficial in insomnia, depression and migraines. The fruit juice is so good, it helps to keep healthy hair, skin and stomach, and also good for urinary tract.
I really don't know whether I will see the fruits or not but the growth journey sure is magical.
Then also comes another task to get large sized fruits and sweet fruits, mastery is required to grow each plant, so many years have gone down learning to master flowering plants, mogra and adenimum, peace lilly, spider lilly, pink star cluster amaryllis etc the list is endless... blooming and pest control techniques another many may pass out on growing some great fruits in containers, but in the end am sure,  its worth it!
The magic of first ones cannot really be expressed with words, I still remember the first mogra flowers, the first brahma kamal bud (it fell off), then the lovely jasmine climber that gave out fragrant blooms, the taste of the first red sour sweet cherry fruit from my cherry plant in container,  and the best was after a wait of five years the blooming of vibrant red Gulmohar tree flowers in container, immense happiness, irreplaceable!
Here's Wishing Deep Prakash All the Best, hoping to see some great healthy Brahma Kamal Blooms!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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