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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunset Orange Ixora and Fire Cracker Aboli Plant Photographs by our Reader Dr.Vivek N Thank You

Fire Cracker Aboli Plant Flowers
  Sunset Orange  Ixora and Fire Cracker Aboli Plant Photographs by our Reader Dr.Vivek N Thank You, Dr Vivek N, for this beautiful share for my readers of Garden Care Simplified.
Sunset Orange Ixora Flower Plant
While these two lovely plants have orange colors I am sure Dr Vivek loves this color. Looking lovely with the beautiful shade of feathery orange this plant has a heavenly look with its rare colored bunches of tiny flowers.
Aboli plants have beautiful orange colored blooms and the best part is ,as it is called ' fire cracker' the seeds burst, a great experience, for all those who have witnessed, it is a wonderful feeling, same as Adenium, I had this in my hand when the pods had burst, feel so connected with nature.
Proper well draining soil, and regular watering is required to maintain the aboli plants and also most of the times the seeds fallen aside in the containers begin new plants on their own. The plant also has religious symbolic value and is grown with a lot of respect. Saw these lovely blooms in Bangalore where these flowers are added to garlands and hair decorations, 'gajra'
Orange color Ixora flowers are rare and require care and the toughest color are peach colored Ixora that can grow in any conditions. With the loss or red this one is growing quite happily under the sun on our terrace garden.
Ixora plants need regular pruning and trimming to keep them in the proper bush shape, and also to encourage healthy bunches of blooms.
Peach colored Ixora flower plant
 Meanwhile we had a new addition to our pets family, the little baby finch found in our society compound by our security personnel, brought straight to our home, so till date most of our neighbourhood knows I am a bird lover,  since the search for our female parakeet, has taken a liking for our home and is welcomed with our four budgie love birds. As for the Alexandrine Parakeets, we had three till date, heavenly friends lived free with us,  who I loved so much but could not keep them caged, this little fellow is enjoying the flight in the big home with others.
Baby white finch bird 
Pink poppies and day lillies are blooming , over flowing with the rains.  So also the new  additions to our family, red and pink and white star cluster plant look so beautiful with tiny funnel bell shaped flowers growing in bunches.
Pink and Red Star Cluster Plants New Additions

Baby Finch Bird
Pink Poppies with yellow butterfly
Once again Thank you Dr Vivek for sharing these two beautiful plant photographs or Orange Ixora and Aboli Plants for my readers of Garden Care Simplified.
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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