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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kamini Bush Murraya paniculata white fragrant flowering bush Compare with Orange Plant Blooms

Kamini Bush  , Indian origin, botanical name Murraya  paniculata, a beautiful flowering bush that grows with abandon and gives plenty of blooms. we have two bushes growing one is a bit slow in flwoering and the other grows like wild! also known as Kunti, banmallika, pandhri and many other names.
Our previous kamini bush had not flowered for years and I had begun to doubt its existence, when our parakeet enjoyed the garden plants, nibbled on to the new shoots and this triggered  the flowering spurt and then the kamini bush had given plenty of blooms, trimming had worked for flowering.

Kamini Bush with white fragrant flowers
 With our mogra plants now getting the growth  spurt the summer heat is welcomed   by the fragrant flowers in our terrace garden. The white fragrant mogra blooms are excellent boost to nervous system and mind to beat the summer cool nights. As the tiny oranges come to life from   white fragrant citrus smelling flowers so also the kamini bush has bloomed well with lots of tiny white fragrant blooms.
Orange Plant with white fragrant flowers-Photo  by Mrs Rizwana A.
 Flowers on the orange plant and kamini bush look almost same except that the kamini bush produces more tubular funnel shaped flowers. The fragrance is almost the same, those who have this kamini bush swear by the fragrance of its blooms, citrus, orangy, tangy, fruity strong fragrance.
The long pointed thin stems must be trimmed giving shape to the kamini bush  to encourage new growth and flowering

Green Fruits on Kamini Bush-Original Photo by  Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
 The kamini bush produces green fruits which on ripening become red look like berries. The plant has been known to have medicinal uses , leaves crushed  used to heal cuts and bruises, also for stomach disorders, never tried them I prefer medication!lots of uses of this medicinal plant can be found surfing the net.
Red Fruit on Kamini   Bush Close up- photo by Mrs.Rizwana A.Mundewadi

The kamini bush does not require much care except for watering and few  feedings for flowering. Trimming always helps to trigger flowering in the   bush and this kamini bush can grow into a big tree if allowed the liberty.
Orange Plant white fragrant flowers close up- Photo by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
enjoying the summer nights among fragrant  blooms!
All the Best!
Thank You!

1 comment:

  1. Kamini bush is blooming even with heavy rains and we see white flowers, the fragrance travels far into our home


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