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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Big Amaryllis Red Lily Flowering Plant Tips

Close Up of Bud of Lily Flowers
 Beautiful red big huge majestic blooms, flowering plants are loved by everyone, and this one is great. with huge red blooms each lily flower measures approximately six to eight inches wide when fully opened.
No doubt the amaryllis flower takes two days to fully bloom, especially with the cool winds blowing full day and clouds in the sky the weather so heavenly, at this time of the year,  the red against the backdrop of the hazy blue sky looks too good.
Big Red Flowers of Lily Photo by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Buds of Amaryllis Lily Flowers

Four Big Red Flowers on Single Stem

Big Red Lily Flower

Close up of Huge Red Flower
 Tips for growing big red amaryllis flowering plant- The amaryllis lily plant grows from bulbs and as  every bulb requires rest periods before giving blooms even  I did remove the bulbs , clean them and transplant them after winter season. 
Within two months time in full summer the amaryllis blooms.
Bulbs flowering plants require sunlight, many hours of direct as well as indirect sunlight to give healthy blooms.
Watering regularly when the plant produces stem of buds is a must to encourage and give  strength to the stem.
Spent Dried Red Amaryllis Lily Flowers
 Very important tip for getting healthy flowers, plant bulbs flowering plants in small pots, do not allow  them to spread as the tiny bulbs spread like wild, we  have at least thirty ones from a single parent!
Growing bulbs requires discipline and patience, discipline to sow the bulbs on proper time after winter before spring. Patience because the bulbs do not give blooms till it is matured, five years waiting time for baby bulbs to  give you the first blooms.
After this they give flowers  every year or once in two years and if  you fertilize them regularly they also give  healthy blooms every year.
Beautiful Red Flowering Plant
Lily flowers  are available in many colors red, yellow, white, peach and many shaded variety. The white lily one has not bloomed as yet, three years past, more to go!
Three of our amaryllis plants  have this huge stems loaded with flowers in sequence they will keep opening, enjoying bright vermillon red in the terrace garden!
Thank You for coming by Garden Care Simplified!!!
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