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Two Large Sized Flowers Plants How to get Large sized Flowers in Container Plants 2 Practical Tips

Adenium Flowers 4.5 inches size
While so many emails come up asking for how to get large sized flowers , and people always limit their thoughts that small container plants will always give small flowers , and they grow them in very large containers but most plants die off as they do not love such big spaces. Container plants always have a limited output and as for flowers you get proportionate small sized blooms according to the plants size and container size. This was what we always heard and as whoever sees my terrace garden says oh, these could grow so large in soil, yes ,agreed, but there is a charm and beauty of growing in containers...and of course not everyone can get a piece of land!
Allamanda flowers 5.5 inches size flowers
So while I have been getting blooms and always not so much feeding but regular trimming has worked wonders this time.
1) Regular trimming makes the stem healthy and much stronger and I have noticed drastic increase in size of the blooms this time, many be they got scared that I have trimmed so much frequently. Yes, it is true, as most cactus growers say that the plant in mode of distress and fear produces blooms, yet to see some blooms of the mystical Brahma Kamal plant...
Grow in large sized containers the Allamanda, Poinsettias, Mussaendas,  and let them be happy and they give larger sized flowers and many more in number.
2) For bulb and rhizome plants the opposite is true. Smaller sized containers, the rhizome plants love to be root bound and choose larger sized bulbs. See that they receive some hours of sunlight and a well draining soil works wonders. I have planted them together so that each one is vieing for attention. The Adenium plants are exotic and really very beautiful fluorescent pink. The first flowers were smaller in size but as they received sunlight and not much of extra stems coming up, the single stem gave out very large sized flowering stalk with three huge blossoms.
The rains bring out immense beauty in the magical little space under the sun, overflowing with blessings form the Universe, this time as I look for some casualties, injured or dead plants, which are not many till now,  there are so many new ones emerging from nowhere, as the seeds are latent.
The Elephants ear, dotted plant. Dwarf Caladium, are so beautiful and available in so many different types and colours, with their huge elephant ears shape, easy growing and spreads fats. Our plant were as lost , I had almost forgotten about this as there were absolutely no growth  for a year. as there were no signs for a year and suddenly in rainy season they have come up , and WOW what a size!
Huge Leaf of elephants ear plant unexpected new growth in rains

All the Best from Rizwana!
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    1. Hi Sharad, Thanks a lot for connecting! Oh your website is so Awesum, such beautiful unique planters, please do let me know how I can help out! Thanks for coming by Garden Care Simplified!

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