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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why you must remove plastic bags from new saplings repot saplings Protecting Shevanti and Carnations from birds Practical tips Piramal Vaikunth Flower show 2016

This time I was quiet! As winters have set in plants are growing yet there is a lack of colour , except for few reds and yellows. So Surprise! Husband got some flowering baby saplings, fresh ones, unexpectedly! Shevanthi, Sada phuli Periwinkle( we lost a beautiful large one after rains...) and carnations. All with a red alert !
Unexpected gifts 
 I usually would avoid buying  these as bird friends from heaven, sparrows, pigeons and even rats eat the blooms and sometimes even gobble the whole plants!
So while I had somehow controlled my obsession of buying plants  for a few weeks, this time was an awesome surprise from the universe! Dried plants in containers are tough to use , have to break the soil as it becomes hard in winters. As also I thought of continuing with watering as many times unexpectedly the dried plants, if roots are alive,  spring back to life! Yet the soil was quite hard,
Water clogged soil
Many people buy plants and keep them like that  in containers and water them. This is very bad for your plant health especially delicate flowering plants like carnations and petunias. Why must you repot the new saplings from plastic bags-
1) The plastic bags are small, stunt the growth of your plants
2) The plastic bags have holes but may clog sometimes killing your plant.
3) difficult to water plants as the mouth of plastic bags are small.
4) many times there is no soil! So limited growth of your plants, and may also not flower.
5) Plants usually after few days die off in plastic bags. There is no feeling of safety and security for them in your space.
It is Important to repot the new saplings in pots and containers. Choose one size larger for planting new saplings, as they get lost in very large containers.  Take care to avoid damage to roots while transplanting. Also see that there may be a very soft delicate small root ball, the rest is just peat , take care of this.
The important part was how to save these from becoming meals of birds, yet still keeping fingers crossed each day! I do not like to put them in mesh , feels like a cage! and they do find ways, tried last year, plastic wire mesh, tough one, yet they found ways from below the container! and from the holes they plant leaves were pulled out!
Practical tips for saving flowering plants from getting eaten by birds-
1) Feed your birds! Yes  everyday for them , yet we have to be careful, especially pigeons.
2) keep these prone for feed plants away from where birds come frequently.
3) Found this helpful- plant them under large bushy trees. Yes they receive less sunlight sometimes but better than the fear of being killed!
4) I had Chinese roses on window sill , as pigeons completely remove these! but the leaves were droopy and so planted some stems, cuttings under other plants and they have become healthy,
Chinese rose stems
Chinese rose stems growing under large plant


Fat Boy plant 

Transplanting saplings Shevanthi

Hard rock! soil in dried containers

Brahma kamal long leaves of hope

Magical Sky from my little space under the sun

Sada phuli

Shevanthi Chrysanthemums

Plastic bags new saplings

Poinsettia plants

Two new ones Periwinkle Carnations

Goodluck Shevanti

Glowing golden Sky 

Snow queen
 5) Water carefully these new saplings. Most important art, yet I am to learn more refined control! Any experienced gardener would say,  always has tough time watering plants ,each one different needs! Keep them together , same needs container plants.
Hope this helps!
meanwhile another beautiful attraction for plant lovers, Vaikunth flower show, from Piramal residency, Old Mumbai-Agra road, Bayer India Road. Ram Maruti Nagar , Balkum,Thane.400607, Maharashtra <India.
 10, 11 and 17, 18th of December 2016. don't forget to visit! get your invites!
for passes register at piramalvaikunth.comflowershow
Blue Gold-Indigo the Flower of freedom.will Insha Allah share the happiness in my next post!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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