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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Colourful Petunias- Bring instant colour to your garden

With the sighting of owls in our society every one is scared as in Indian culture beliefs there are many superstations on this. The owl is a beautiful bird and we have the variety which is endangered the barn owl that is white in colour. Looks almost heavenly like and angel on wings. The owl has nested and has four babies that fly at night and we did have the friendly visitor, though for a few seconds and I could not capture it on my camera. Better luck tonight! So with eagles, king fishers, bulbul, sparrows, mynas, crows, pigeons and of course the alexandrine parakeet who decided to stay with us, we have another welcoming bird from paradise the owl. The season has brought a welcoming change in form of colorful petunias. These flowering plants are my favorites as they bring instant colour to your garden or window sill.
Petunia Flowering plants

The winters and dry garden colours these plants are a sure welcome in form of bright and colorful flowers that are big enough to draw your attention. petunias are available in many colours like red, blue, purple, pink, white and also there are many of the shaded variety.
Purple petunia flowers

Magenta petunia flowers

Petunia plants

Purple flower in garden

Colourful petunia flowers

Close up of petunia flower
Petunia care- These plants are easy growing plants that grow in full sunlight and can tolerate partial shade. The bright green leaves and the colorful flowers look like a scoop of ice cream topped on the green cone. These plants are best grown in hanging baskets and require a well draining soil. Over the years we have had red, purple, blue, pink, white and also many shaded variety of petunia plants.
They can be planted by sowing seeds in late winter so that you get welcoming flowers at the onset of spring. With flowering season from  January to June in India these flowers are seasonal plants and till now have not survived the rains with me. Every year I make it a point to plant new flowering petunias to bring instant colour in my garden. the winters become boring in the garden and these colorful petunias bring a highlight in from of colours in my garden.

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