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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is This Gulmohar Tree with yellow Blooms?

The owls have decided not to oblige me with a snap, and my efforts to search for them are not still successful. With the loud noises coming for the complete night time till early morning, they are staying in our society at night only and on searching in the day they were not to be seen anywhere.
Gulmohar Tree
With my obsession with the flame of the forest, Gulmohar I have successfully grown the gulmohar in a container. Last season in May we welcomed our first gulmohar flowers on our gulmohar plant grown in a container. I have noticed another variety of flowering plants that look almost similar to gulmohar trees, but they flower on small bushes. I wonder whether this is the same plant but the blooms are some what different and smaller. The flower petals are the same with one yellowish orange petal and other red petals.

Close up of Gulmohar Flowers

Attractive Gulmohar Flowers on Flame of Forest Tree
The colours are very bright and fresh and almost a welcoming sight in these chilly winter season here. They have more of yellow colour in their petals. Yes this is the gulmohar tree but has flowered sooner , I think due to the trimming of bushes it has been encouraged to grow from sides in from of a bush. Great to have gulmohar flowers on a bush. And your can also touch and feel the flowers at this height, but the true beauty of flame of the forest is only when observed from far and top, it is a red carpet of nature, especially in summers!
Gulmohar Tree Planting Tips in Containers- With success in making my gulmohar tree bloom in container I do wish to see more of this beautiful flowering tree everywhere. The main important trick is to trim the top shoot from the tip and make the plant grow branches from sides. Keep controlling the growth of the gulmohar in your container. Use hard and rocky soil mixture with more of good quality soil. Keep feeding the plant with fertilizer as their requirements in containers will increases as compared to when a tree is grown in soil. But we were lucky without any care the gulmohar has bloomed but only after five years after planting it. Use a good quality metal container as this gulmohar tree has tough roots and it will spread very fast, and using a plastic or mud container it will crack very soon and you will need to transplant it in another container. So at first select a metal container and large enough for the tree to grow and bloom. And it is also true that gulmohar plants growing in soil show very fast growth as compared to plants growing in containers.


  1. Hi Rizwana!
    Congratulations on your Gulmohar in a planter!
    I think I'm becoming a regular to your blog!
    I was trying to clarify my own doubts regarding these tree/bushes ... they are both called Gulmohar in Hindi. We call the smaller one "Radhachura" in Baangla, it is probably this :
    Amazing how far related the 2 are, no? Btw, I found on the internet that other Bengalis call this "Radhachura" :
    Anyway, they are all 3 gorgeous trees. Do you know, passing groups of parrots would stop by our shrubby-Gulmohar (& Kachnar) tree, to eat the seeds out of the pods! & where I went to college, there was a very pretty pink version of it.

  2. dedestined, great information posted her, thanks for sharing so much on Garden care Simplified, and the lovely parrots feeding on the pods, yes I too am so confused with varieties of Gulmohar tree flowers which range from more yellows to more orangy and reds!
    guess the Flame of the Forest is referred to for the one which has shaded flower petals having yellow red and orange color which I have.
    Thanks for being here

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