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Monday, January 16, 2012

Dried Tree with new growth Use a Dried Dead tree for Great Plant Arrangements

Dead Tree, dried, was a sad sight, yet standing majestically tall in our society complex. What a beautiful sight, after years, it has begun fresh. Climbers and creepers can be grown using dead dried trees as support and they are so beneficial with a natural support. 
So someone added a pothos and a elephants ear vine and the plant began to give out symbols of life. and very happy to say it has given out its leaves, a Peepal tree!
After so many years, more than ten! that is nature! that is life! that is Great positive company affecting life!
Dried Tree
New growth on dried tree
I have also painted some roots and cut parts of a gulmohar tree that was cut off for safety reasons by society, and it still is a part of our family. Dead and dried trees have beautiful natural forms and can be used in creative decorative plants and flower arrangements.
Peepal Tree growing from base
Climber finds home on dried tree
Have a Great life Ahead! Rizwana!
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