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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Lovely Hibiscus Plant Growing in Wild

Nature walks are very energizing and sometimes we do fall upon unexpected beauty in the wild. I came upon this hibiscus flower growing in the wild. The flower is some what different from our red hibiscus plants that we have and is a rare species. It looks like a hanging bunch of flower with many small petals.
Hibiscus Flower growing in wild

The hibiscus flower is peach coloured and has stamens similar to our big hibiscus flowers. The blooms are very attractive and delicate but the plant has borne all odds and grown and survived in these wilds. Maybe the flowers or seeds or plant may have been transferred by the wind or by man, but the plant amongst all the wild plants looks really beautiful. Some one may have planted it long time back and the land may have been covered by wild plants later on. It seems like God's own plant and grows in peace without any care!

Hanging Buds of Hibiscus Flower

Close up of Hibiscus flower/ Shoe Flower

Hibiscus Flower
From where would water source be and who waters the plants regularly and where is the fertilizer? Nature has its own way to survival, here we try and try for making plants grow and flower and where he wishes they just grow out of the blue!
Hibiscus plant care- After the experience of growing hibiscus plants of so many varieties and colours I have seen that they are too prone to attack by aphids. The white tiny creepy creatures with tiny legs attach themselves to the plant leaves and especially tips of the stem and the plant dies a slow death. Bathing the plant with soap water and spraying the plant regularly with showering of salt water works, but not a permanent solution. Many times you lose the hibiscus plant and have to replace it with a fresh one.
One tip for healthy hibiscus plant growth is to grow these plants in full sunlight and avoid over watering. keep these hibiscus plants in groups and away from other plants will help you to focus on their care and these hibiscus plants require care when they are attacked by pests.

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