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Monday, January 16, 2012

Acalypha hispida, Red Coloured Leaf Ornamental plant

Jacobs coat, copper leaf, beef steak plant or in botanical terms Acalypha hispida is a easy growing shrub which is very often seen in landscapes as borders or beautiful red coloured centers. The plant requires less care and grows in partial shade or full sunlight.
Ornamental plant growing in partial shade

Copper leaf plant in sun

Ornamental plant in shade

Jacobs Coat ornamental plant

Feathery Stigmas of Copper Leaf plant

Shaded Red leaf ornamental plant

Copper Leaf Plant in landscape Borders
This red leaf ornamental plant is selected for its beautiful coloured leaves. With easy growing and surviving in any conditions this is the right choice for any gardener. The plant grows red feathery stigmas which are seen in female plants. The red leaf shrub will need trimming when it grows and this is done with sharp plant cutting scissors. This plant can be grown in any desire shape by trimming the excess leaves and is an important addition in plant designing and landscape.
Care of Copper leaf plant- The red colours of leaves develops only when they get adequate amount of sunlight. Other wise the plant looks shriveled with small leaves as new growth. Watering is also important as over watering is not good for this plant and it will develop root rot and die. Fungus attacks and pests is another issue as the plant sometimes contracts disease and white ants or flies and may go barren. Pests eat up the leaves and make them like a wire mesh. If not cared for the plant disease spreads over to the whole plant.
Best is to grow the plant in full sunlight to avoid disease attacks and also water only when the soil feels completely dry and firm.

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