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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bring Colour in Your Garden- Decorative Leaves Plant

Decorative Leaves Plant
With all plants having green leaves and greenery everywhere in the garden it sometimes seems to become boring and monotonous. Looking in all directions when you see too much of green then sometimes your garden will start looking dull and boring.
An easy way to bring colour into your garden without taking much efforts is to add plants with different coloured leaves. This plant has thick leaves and does not require too many hours of sunlight. In fact this plant is a shade loving plant and can grow easily in the dark corners of your garden. The new leaves that come out are of yellow colour which on exposure to sunlight and maturity start becoming red and green.
One of the most showy leaves that look almost like a painted plastic leaf due to its texture and thickness this plant is most often seen in gardens and homes.
The plant can be easily grown with cuttings from the original plant. Water requirements are important as the plant requires well draining soil and does not like clogged soil. I have lost many plants of this species due to this problem of soil and watering. The plant will grow in shade but for the colour of the leaf to develop red the plant does need sunlight, maybe partial  at least for few hours of the day. The healthy plant will give healthy strong leaves and palnt will look upright and strong. Whereas a weak plant will have small leaves and light green tiny new growths.
This show plant can also be grown from baby plants that grow from sides of the mother plant in the soil. The most important aspect of this plant is the leaves look like an artificial plastic plant and have a red border with yellow ridges as veins on the leaf. With this variegated leaves and so many colours it does look a welcoming sight in the only green garden full of greens. This plant can be used as focal point in the garden or decorative plant for a rock garden. It sure brightens up the area or corner of your garden.

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