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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fan Shaped Cactus growing in Wild

Cactus plants are seen in many different types and I fell by chance upon this beautiful cactus plant growing in fan shape. Is this a plant mutation of some different breed of cactus family? or some cactus disease? Nature has its own way of preserving many species even without us knowing about them. Every cactus plant is a succulent plant and stocks water and energy within. Hence these cactus plants can do away with less water and grow without care. This cactus growing in the wild has its own beauty which is not noticed by the outside world.
Cactus growth Mutation

Close up of cactus Plant

Fan Shaped Cactus plant
Some people who specialize in cactus plants also mention cactus disease or abnormal growths seen in cactus plants. But the shape of this cactus is very attractive in a flower shape and each stem is like an opened fan or palm.
The plant does not have any thorns and is soft and mushy from inside. Growth is seen from sides and from the ground. Good as ornamental plant for any garden.

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