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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gardening Lessons for Life and Tips for Amateur Gardeners

Sunrise with New Hope
People often buy a few plants and keep the pots in their window sill and entrance of main door. Here these plants are watered and after few months or even less as they may not flower again, neglect and then there are dried plants... I see many windows having pots with dried plants, people do not even care to clean the pots neither do they remove the empty pots nor do they plant new plants in it.  If you do not succeed at first try again and if you do not wish to continue do clean your windows and doors, clutter in any form is not good for your house.
Plants are considered very good in feng shui as they bring positive energy in your environment. Not only will plants enliven your house and environment they also promote good luck and prosperity into your home.
You learn commitment, persistence, perseverance and lots of patience through gardening. With this coming new year I hope we see many new and amateur gardeners coming up and joining our race to heal the earth.
As our body needs food so does our soul need food and gardening is food for our soul. There is a saying that if you have two rupees buy a bread with one and buy a flower with other, this is the importance of gardening. As your hands touch the soil and you plant new saplings or seeds, there is so much hope and anticipation, when the plants grow you again have hopes to see them flower and if you have fruit trees the wait is worth it! Many people follow organic gardening and plant vegetables and fruits with which they not only get for themselves they can also share these with their neighbors. So gardening will also heal relationships and teach you the art of sharing and believe me you will get lot of satisfaction by tasting the fruit grown by you.
You learn to have loads of patience and waiting and still keep your spirits high. This I have learnt when I planted seeds, believe me this is the most toughest of gardening experiences. You wait for the new plants to come out, and are so very happy to see the new growth but as this grows big you find this is just wild grass! I was lucky with the zinnias which came out in two weeks time and also flowered very soon as also the gladiolus plants that gave me good blooms but the amyrallis did take five years to bloom and also the fruit trees grown in containers are giving me a hard time. Hope this year I get a good bounty.
For the amateur gardeners there are a few tips noted and I hope you get a good start.
Decide to become good and dedicated gardener and then begin your journey. This will be small way of you connecting to the whole universe and the universal power. You can be a part of healing this earth in your small special way by planting a plant. Just as a small baby begins with little steps buy cheap and simple easily growing plants. Do not go over board and buy expensive varieties of plants in the beginning as failure in the first start will make you repel from further gardening.
Learn about few gardening tips and maintenance from books and gardening websites online.
When you plant seeds have patience, lesson number one and hundred and thousand, patience and waiting which I have learned the hard way, you do have to wait for flowers and fruits for many years, in rare varieties of plants so select simple and all seasons plants that will show flowers all year round without much care. This will be motivation enough to continue.
Buy good quality soil and fertilizer along with the pots that are cheap but sturdy. Now you can visit your local nursery and buy few plants, nowadays you get ready potted plants which are a good option if you do not wish to risk the repotting and losing of a new plant (again my experience, not all plants bought will root in a new pot).
Buy few plants, only that much which you can take care of without giving much time in the beginning, Remember you already have your time commitments and as you begin this new hobby of gardening you cannot just leave your previous commitments and take up gardening as a whole time activity. Later as you make up your time schedule you can increase the number of plants.
Something I have learned about organic gardening and composting from waste is that it is not always possible for everyone. Many new gardeners try to add fruit peels and vegetable cuttings, leftover food and other waste directly to the pot and with time the plants attract insects and ants especially red ants which will eat up the roots and make your plant weak and you may not only lose your plant but the ants will be all over your house! For the beginners you can buy ready compost which is processed and will act as fertilizer for your flowering plants.
Buy plants with similar needs, that is water, sunlight and food. This will make it easy for you to care for them without much tax on your time and effort. You can keep a window dedicated for gardening where you can keep these plants arranged in a pattern. And do learn to handle mosquitoes as you will be having new plants and avoid stagnating water around.
If you have small children better select simple and safe plants without thorns or spikes. Pets also have the habit of nibbling on new attractive things and small children also cannot control their curiosity of trying to pluck a new flower or leaf and of course, taste it!

New Year Wishes
Make gardening simple and enjoyable which is only possible when you do not spend a fortune for it and you buy easy growing plants which show miraculous results.
Wishing Everyone All the Best and Have a Happy New Year Ahead!
Adenium Flowers in Pairs
Healthy Red roses in pairs
Periwinkle Vinca rose Sada Phuli
Velvety petunia 
Red Vibrant Canna Flowers
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