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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Banana Fruit Plant

Banana Fruit Plant
Banana fruit plants can be seen at many places but trying to grow in container was  a bit challenging.  This picture here show a banana fruit plant growing in soil and this grows best in the ground, if you need to have good fruits.
The banana leaf has been used traditionally in many religious purposes and rituals. In the south of India it is still used for serving meals and eating religious food. With ritual of using this banana leaf  for flowers in the temple this plant has been grown mainly for this purposes. You will find many homes and gardens full of these banana plants when you travel south of India as the requirements of banana leaves are very high and consumption is also very high.
The banana flowers are very attractive and large in size. usually pink in colour they look almost like a huge pod of magenta colour. The banana fruit is very sweet and tasty and also nutritious. Growing a banana plant is all worth while as you use the fruits and also the leaves do not go waste. This plant does not require much water and can bear any type of soil. In fact most houses use their home leftovers to act as compost for the plant. It thrives with neglect.
The fruits come after many years and when you plant a young banana fruit plant you need patience to wait for the fruit. The trunk of the banana plant is very thick and tough as this has to bear the weight of the large leaves and heavy bunch of fruits. When grown in soil each plant may come up with the heavy fruit laden stem. The fruits grow in bunches attached on the single central stem pod. So when you get the fruits they are plenty and enough for even the neighbors!
The green banana fruit bunch has to be removed from the plant and taken care of for evenly ripening to avoid spoiling of the fruits. Banana fruits can also be used in raw form for many dishes. So the banana fruit plant is an example of a plant where nothing goes waste. The banana leaves are also used in marriage decorations and temple decorations.

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