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Friday, December 16, 2011

Terrace Garden Planning

Terrace Garden Planning
Since the past many years I have been planting so many different types of plants. Any plant that I have liked since childhood has taken place in my terrace garden. The only problem coming up is that many did not survive with our direct sunlight whereas some have taken over the garden so much that I have begun to wonder why in first place I selected these!
The main problem that I have faced over the years is that we have a small terrace garden and it is well understood that not all of nature can be accommodated here. As the positive fact remains that we do have a place under the sun and sky is visible this space has to utilised judiciously for maximum appeal and beauty.
We have thought very carefully about the garden design and it has taken years and step by step planning for the end result that is a very attractive, flowering, fragrant feng shui garden. Being an healing and feng shui artist it was sure that I would like to implement all the basic principles of feng shui in our terrace garden.
Yes there are loads of garden planning books and websites that will give you the information on garden planning and efficient use of your garden space.
The most important deciding factor while making a garden is your space available and the climatic conditions that is the total amount of hours your terrace receives sunlight. Then go about the purchasing and selecting of the plants you wish to plant and finally start the journey of care and pampering to get beautiful blooms!
Just like we have a dream and goal so also our garden must be carefully planned and designed. Planning of your terrace garden is also very important when you have a small garden space available and you wish to utilise it for best possible garden design. It would be advisable to plan your garden and have some options available and then select your garden design. Having garden plans on paper will help you to save lots of precious time, energy and of course precious money that you would waste in selecting wrong plants!

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