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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Thorns on the Aloe Vera Plant and Aloe Vera for Weight Loss

The aloe vera plant is one of the most useful and low maintenance plants. With thorns on the plant it looks just like any other wild plant growing in the wild dessert. Since this is a cactus covered with thorns the leaves are elongated and grow in bunches. The plant has a fleshy stem which is a modified leaf in from of thorns.
Thorns on the Aloe Vera Plant

 Aloe vera has many medicinal and herbal properties and is being used in many health care products. Be it face beauty products or herbal supplements for weight loss aloe vera is being grown and used extensively for its medicinal purposes.
It can be used as  home remedy for application on burns and scars. It is proved that aloe vera gel can remove and reduce facial and other body scars. Many skin lightening products have a base and important ingredient in aloe vera and there are many herbal companies that grow aloe vera in special farms for mass production.   

Close up of Thorns on the Aloe Vera Plant
I have been having this aloe vera plant since many years handed over by my mother. It had some years back grown profusely which made me repel towards growing any of this more, and I had literally thrown away much of this profusely growing cactus, except for a small bunch grown in a small pot.
The aloe vera plant is also I hear being used in lots of weight loss supplements and health supplements. The outside of the plant looks very unattractive but from the centre it looks like a flower growing from central direction, but just that this flower has thorns!
The inside of the aloe vera stem is fleshy and sticky gel oozes out when the stem is cut open. This gel can be applied on the skin and used as skin lightening agent for fairness of the skin. Even scars of past on the skin can be erased or lightened by regular use of the aloe vera gel. The aloe vera can also be used as a herbal supplement and their are many products for weight loss and herbal supplements that have aloe vera as their main ingredient.
In olden times our grand mothers used to advice eating aloe vera chunks for excessive body heat and boils and pimples erupting on skin and hence it was used regularly by our elders as skin lightening agents and for removal of excessive body heat. The raw aloe vera chunks can be eaten by adding turmeric and salt for taste though now there are ready chunks o0f aloe vera available that taste just like any sweet jelly toffee.
This aloe vera plant has faced lots of criticism and many people are removing it from their homes and gardens. In feng shui any plant that has thorns emits negative energy and is a no no for any place. One must avoid placing this plant in the home especially in the north or south direction as this plant has thorns which act as negative arrows towards you.
The removal of this aloe vera plant has made it nearly extinct and it will be soon that this plant will not be seen in common house plants. This hype may also be created by the manufacturers of herbal supplements as they wish to make this plant extinct so that they can charge premium for aloe vera products.
With less water requirements the aloe vera plant can tolerate drought conditions and indirect sunlight is best for growth of this plant.

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