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Friday, December 16, 2011

Cheap Garden Tools Home Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are very important to keep your garden in place.  While working in the garden for so many years I have come to understand that tools are an very important part of your terrace gardening or in fact in any filed a tool is most important. Just like a surgeon would need efficient and sharp tools for success in surgery so also an gardener can swear upon his working tools.
Garden tools do come expensive and since I was not so a serious gardener earlier I have modifications of these tools according to my tastes and budget. To name a few important tools I would not do without are screw driver and paper knife, cloth cutting knife, nails, metal hangers and the list is endless. I do love my screw driver which is very big and tall in size. What does a screw driver do here, in the garden? well most of my digging of soil in large pots is done with this metal equipment. Many people try to purchase heavy and expensive garden equipments and tools but then I have seen these tools lying and rusting in one corner. Think before purchasing expensive garden tools about the regular use you may need for them. Whether you have  large ground garden here you may require professional garden tools and lawn movers. But fir a small terrace garden and garden with pots such huge equipment and tools will be out of place.
Metal hangers and hooks can be used to hang your garden pots without spending a fortune in grills and metal fences. Try to minimise expenses as much as possible in the beginning of your gardening adventure otherwise you may wear out your funds and then we will lose a new gardener. Old plastic containers are very useful to plant small and new plants till they grow big and then can be transplanted into bigger pots.
My scissors are also an important part of my garden clipping and cleaning procedures and people do like the neat and trimmed and always evergreen garden. Large clippers may be needed for professional gardeners but if you have a small garden with plants in pots and containers then this container garden can do away with medium sized scissors , but do take care to avoid using this for other purposes as they will become blunt and need regular sharpening. I also have an knife, which is an old kitchen knife used to cut strong branches as we do not have axe and it would also not be possible for me to pick up an axe, it would be very heavy. Since we have the Gulmohar tree planted in a large container and the bougainvilleas that had grown off hand and needed large clippings and trimmings this knife did come handy.
Always remember sharp and good garden tools are very important to maintain the look of your garden otherwise plants may grow in wild manner and all your garden design would become mess. Do try to find out your personal garden tools and you can also buy cheap tools from road side vendors according to your requirements and use.


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