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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Date Palm- Sweet Date Fruit Tree

Date Palm Tree
There are many varieties in palm and with the most common one seen everywhere as an indoor palm we cannot avoid the mention of the most beautiful and sweat fruiting date palm. This date palm can be grown in containers but the fruiting will require extra care and nutrition, just like any other plant grown in containers. And for fruiting it has to pass at least five years. We have these wonderful plants in our society and I was lucky enough to see the sweet fruits of this date palm.
The date palm is the easiest growing plant and can grow as a full fledged tree when planted in ground. We can grow the plant with seeds from date and this can be grown in a container. As the plant grows big it is better to shift it in the ground to enjoy the good and healthy fruits.
The date palm tree requires less water and grows best in partial sunlight or having sunlight for few hours of the day. Once it is planted it will take care of itself and keep growing. Each layer of leaves come out and as the plant grows the leaves are shed and another layer comes up. This way the growth of this date palm increases and goes in upward direction. This is a very sturdy plant and its leaves cannot be cut without sharp garden cutters.
The leaves of this plant have sharp edges and it is best to keep it away from body level and especially eyes. If you have pets and children then take care to avoid contact with this plant because it has very sharp pointed leaves which can cause accidents. This plant looks majestic when grown in a full tree and our date palms have been homes to many sparrows that chatter as the sun is about to go down. This is a home to many birds and a nest to make way for new life.
Date Palm Plant

The small date palm plant can be grown in any container and with the growth phases the plant will shed its leaves and keep growing taller. We were lucky enough to witness the fruiting of this date palm tree. The fruits come in bunches and look like small oval balls clubbed together on the central stock. The fruits are first raw and for them to ripen they need time and warmth. As the fruits ripen on the tree birds get the upper hand on the feasting. Still there is plenty for everyone as the fruits grown are in bunches and lots. With so many fruits fallen on the ground and if we wish to preserve the fruits I think it is better to cut of the fruit bunch and allow for ripening at home. Even the new fruits are tasty though not so sweet but the ripened fruits are very sweet and full of nutrition and eating even few fruits will keep you feeling full for a long time.


  1. I have two date palms in my house and they are about four feet high trunk. They are not bearing fruit, how can I find out whether these are male or female?

  2. Thanks Dr Ali Imran, for coming by my blog.
    As for the palms we have some planted in our society garden which bear so many bunches of sweet dates, this has fruited after approx eight to ten years.
    I am afraid you will have to wait and watch, for another few more years. The date palms bear fruits after five to seven years approx. I think.
    Hope your trees give fruits soon All the Best!


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