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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Exotic Flowers Anthurium Plants Care and Simple Tips for Flowering

Anthurium plants, exotic flower plant , very much similar to peace lily or any bulb plants with very beautiful unique blooms.International flowers anthuriums grow in cold countries but can be grown well with little care. The dream has finally come true as I had this on the wish list since many years and the main hurdle was the price, yes the plants come at a heavy price.
Shocking Pink Anthurium Flower on Plants

Heavenly White Anthurium Flower Original Photo by Rizwana
Anthurium plants are available in different colored blooms. Reds are the most beautiful, followed by baby pink and white. There are also the shaded variety which shows two colored blooms. We have two different color anthurium flower plants and as they stand up with royal stature among the family of all our precious ones they too have taken a love to the space.
The flower of anthurium is like a pod with small off white tiny beads stuck up on the single pod coming out from the beautiful base in heart shape. While drying off the pod goes darker and then turns black and then the bloom withers off.  The flower has been on my wish list from past so many years when i had painted the pink anthuriums abstract in vase 2005, as they were very costly then also i had purchased velvet flowers in red that too had come at quite a  price! Thank You for this beautiful plant, welcome to the family!
The anthurium plant leaves are shaped as heart and have a beautiful glossy color green. The plant when without flowers looks almost like any other foliage plant and grows from central arrangement like the peace lilly plant. The extensive reading and finding information on this exotic flowering plant Anthuriums, over the years here I share simple guidelines.
Anthuriums, rare exotic plants need a little bit of care as in sunlight and watering.
1) A partial shade and some amount of indirect sunlight is fine for daily growth. For flowering  the plants need to get some amount of indirect sunlight daily at least early morning or evening natural sun light.Avoid placing under direct sunlight.
2) Soil in which the anthuriums are planted is very important.  These plants need a well draining soil. Following the principle for all bulb plants we need to have them root bound till they pick up growth.
3) Small pots and containers ensures regular blooms.
Exotic Flower Anthurium
4) Once flowered the Anthurium plant goes in rest period and may not flower in the same year.Unless of course you add fertilizer in right doses at right times, which the fresh flower businesses do.
5) The Anthurium flowers are unique in shape as colored petals , looking exotic and great. The  beautiful blooms are sure attention grabbers and very good for offices and indoor spaces.
Thank you. 
Take Care and All the Best!


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