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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Vine Care and Canna Flowers Plant Care - Photographs Shared by Our Reader of Garden Care Simplified

Two beautiful plants enjoying the attention in Jason Dsouza’s balcony. Nice capture of the heavenly blue purple morning glory vine. 
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Vine from a reader

Yellow Canna Flowers Plant from a reader
Yellow Canna flowers, bright cheery yellow, we too have the yellow canna flower plant which has red dotted design along with yellow petals, looking similar to orchids. 
Thank you Jason for sharing these wonderful plant photographs for our readers of Garden Care Simplified.Your plants sure look happy and touchwood healthy, Happy Gardening, Thank You.
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Vine Care and Flowering Tips- 
The most fastest growing vine,  morning glory gets its name from its habit of flowering early as the day begins and as the afternoon approaches in the hot sun the flowers wither off. The vine boasts of many blooms and thus the show goes on. 
Morning glory flowers vines are available in so many beautiful colors that it is too difficult to resit temptation of planting one but this sure is one invasive plant which will soon takeover every place and even cover up other potted plants very fast. From white to blue, purple, pinks, shaded flowers the most seen vine is of blue flowers.
The morning glory vine grows very fast and if left unattended will take over your balconies, terraces and gardens. It is advisable to guide the morning glory vine with some support, fence or trellises and see the vibrant blue show. 
Trimming the green foliage will promote healthy and more blooms on the vine. As other wise more energy will go in maintaining the green leaves. Sunlight is essential for flowering.
One problem with the morning glory vine is it attracts white flies and aphids when over watered or the soil kept too moist. It also attracts ants as they love this vine. So take care while sitting under this one, also take care with small children and pets as the flowers are poisonous.
For encouraging blooming allow the soil to dry well before watering. Trim the dried stems and cut off extra growth for a good growth in containers.
Seeds fall off and the plant spreads by this system. On land it grows very fast and sometimes becomes difficult to control. Gardeners have to dig off the soil and remove the roots to stop the growth. But new plants soon come out from the roots underground.
The most beautiful flowering vine morning glory can cover fences,   and whole walls if given guided support and give a beautiful fantastic show of bell shaped flowers. 
Canna Plant care-
Red and yellow Canna Flower Plants from my garden
White Morning Glory flowering vine from my garden
Canna a  rhizome plant grows from  even a small part of the rhizome. beautiful flowers available in many many colors. From vibrant red to yellows whites peachy and shaded variety they are the most showy flowers with large elongated leaves.
Care for any rhizome or bulb plant involves growing in small containers to help more healthy blooms. The plant likes to be root bound with well draining soil.
Water carefully as the plant does not love much watering.
Feed at intervals of six months to maintain a healthy soil.
Allow the flowering stem to dry off and then cut the dried leaves.
The most chosen plants as decorative colorful border plant and center plants in any garden landscape designs.
The most sturdy among canna flowering plants are the red after which come yellow, the other color flowering canna plants i have found to be slow in flowering and the wait is too long sometimes. Our peach colored canna plant has after a year not given any blooms, every time the leaves grow and then dry off .hoping to see some blooms soon!
Thank You!
Take Care and Have a Great Day!

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