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Friday, January 17, 2014

Festival of Plants in Thane City Exhibition of Large Variety of Plants for Sale

Festival of plants, exhibition and sale of  a large variety of plants. Beginning from 17th January  will be for next two days till 19th January 2014.
Like many Thanekars each year I  wait for this one  as we get to see a large variety of different flowering, fruiting and exotic plants under one roof. Missed the Darjeeling and Himachal Pradesh stalls and missed my dear bulbs, the gladiolus bulbs have been purchased from here two years back.
The trend seen in past few years is you get to choose on the first day but prices are very high. From Anthuriums costing 800 per plant to Lily costing nearly a thousand Rupees for single plant. Maybe the last day of the exhibition will have some fast desperate sales though one
Colorful Vibrant Yellow and Reds
may have to do away with left overs.
Breezing the chilly winters every plant lover seen under this one roof, with beautiful landscaping by reputed builders and property dealers flowers for competitions and fruit carving exhibits the exhibition has much for everybody's interest. The stalls near the end have good plants and were even ready to bargain, no wonder they had fast sales!
Rose Flowers Majestic Biz Size Beautiufl Roses in Competition

Large Size Pink Rose Flower

Flowering Pots on Display

Flower Rangoli Decorations in Thane Plant Exhibition

Information boards on different types of Palms
Anthuriums plants white and pink flowers

Bonsai plants exhibits in Thane

Large Variety of Succulent Plants

Succulent Plants for sale

Authuriums of two colors  and a few more rare ones, a few exotic ones have add up to our family. Welcome to the Family! finding place to squeeze them in!


  1. i need to know whether anyone sells Bonsai plants at Thane?
    Rajesh Hattangady
    9821434512/ 9821234512

  2. Hello Rajesh, welcome to garden care Simplified. You can check out the largest plant nursery in Thane, at majiwada junction, then there are also many other nurseries surrounding Thane, but this one I always get good ones. Bargain while buying.
    Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!


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